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9/14/2013 c1 pachysam
Here are some request stories.
Others of when the Proff and Doctor work together,

1. Two AU of when the Proff is there when the Doctor meets Silurians. The young one with the 3rd Doctor, and the older Proff with the 11th Doctor when they meet Eldane's tribe (Hungry Earth/Cold Blood). I can imagine him trying to help the two races, agreeing with the Doctor, befriending the friendly Silurians, objecting to the renegade Silurian's plot of genocide, being shocked at the Brig's treachery, and mourning the loss. It would also be good if the Proff punished the Brig and fortold to him how his actions cost Earth allies against the Daleks.

2. A tale of when the older Proff helps fight Davros and the Daleks. I can imagine him confronting Davros. The two wheelchair-bound elders confronting. Both quarrelling... the proff scolding Davros after mentally discovering Davros betraying his own people (I, Davros and Genesis of the Daleks) and removing all which made people (such as compassion and mercy) to make Daleks. And Davros calling the Proff a weakling for being 'crippled by sentimence'. Davros would say 'You failed your people' to which the Proff says 'At least I didn't betray them as you betrayed yours, Davros'.

3. One of when the older Proff helps the Doctor fight Sontarans. I can imagine him confronting a senior Sontaran-officer...a fleet-marshal, an admiral, a general or a colonel. One of the usual lecture-talks. The officer compares humans to his people due to warlike ways... to which the Proff justifies them and scolds the officer for how his people butchered the harmless as well as the guilty... and for treating genetic defects of their race as slaves for being pacifists.

4. One of when the young Proff meets Cybermen and confronts a Cyber-Controller.

5. One of when the Proff meets the Master. The young one can meet the deformed one and the older one can meet the John Simm version. Both can act as psycologists to the Master.

6. One of when the Proff helps the Brig. The Brig can be getting nightmares of Silurians calling him a monster, himself killing Silurians who become humans, and being attacked by an prehistoric ape-man. He also sees his own reflection to see a monster's face... either a Dalek, a Cyberman, the Master, or any others he fought (each of them separate dreams). Then he sees Earth ruined and conquered. The Proff can figure out with mental powers the meaning. The nightmares were made by the Brig's conscience about his action of betraying the Doctor and murdering Silurians. The part of the Silurians calling him a monster can be to do with some sub-conscious guilt of murdering the Silurians... the harmless as well as the guilty. The human-killing can be to do with how Silurians are people too... and a reminder of how humans can be monsters. The ape-man can be a symbol of humanity's primal purity... the spiritual purity of mankind's prehistoric ancestors. The monster-reflection can be to do with the subconscious guilt too. The Earth ruins can be a fortelling of the Dalek-conquests... how it could've been prevented if the Brig had let the Silurians be allies with humans. Only an alliance between humans, Silurians and other races can save Earth from the Daleks. The Proff can remind him of it being possible by pointing out how the Doctor is alien yet helps humans... proof of how humans working with aliens is possible as well as logical and necessary.
9/14/2013 c1 pachysam
Doctor and Proff together. Good duo. Yep.
1/11/2013 c1 Omegamorph
These two go so well together and I was hoping to find something with the third Doctor in particular. : )

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