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for Pokémon: Undead Nightmare

9/8/2023 c54 J
This story is a million times better than expected!, I was invested the whole time and admittedly got a little emotional, the explanation of the whole radio wave's thing, is pretty original for a zombie-themed story, even if it doesn't make sense.

It IS odd that ash is so good with a gun, just because he's been shot at before, but it's better than him being helpless the entire time, kinda wished we saw how the plague effected Pokemon a little more, like how ghost type would be affected or something but no big deal.

TLDR: amazing work, ABSOL-lutely deserve's a sequel!
9/8/2023 c44 J
Well THAT went to shit in a hurry! oh and GrAeT jOb Natas, you had ONE JOB!
9/7/2023 c16 J
O.K, neat so affected Mon's actually do something beside's bite. I was wondering if they'd be able to use attack's at all being dead and what-not, I wonder how it affect's ghost type's?
12/5/2022 c32 1yraj2004
Can't I won't miss him,
but Ash went and traveled 3 whole regions,
yet this pokemon never advanced after confusion.
I mean, psychic would be a much better bet.
8/29/2022 c53 Guest
an so sad i love this make more
4/17/2022 c1 supersonic1992
Hello, I liked your Zombies story. Have you thought about doing another one but in Kalos you already know Ash Serena Bonnie ETC Clemont. may be the one to die
4/2/2022 c54 Stranger
Such an awesome fanfiction. Will there be a sequel? It has ended at such a cliffhanger. I know it's been a while and you probably won't read this but if you get this message a sequel would be much appreciated.
1/27/2022 c54 Noah
9/19/2021 c22 yash
what happened to legendaries? they are responsible for world balance and piece... ash had saved almost all legendaries.. even arceus.. they all owe him... i think ash should make a wish to jirachi to fix this.. simple solution
9/19/2021 c19 yash
9/20/2021 c47 yaabbccd3
9/18/2021 c2 yaabbccd3
nope ash... you are not growing... from 1997 you're 10 years old... i am sorry to say this but I don't think you would ever hit puberty
4/7/2021 c14 Lonewolf1836
The crazy part of this story the only pokemon that would maybe be immune to this sickness if its true this has happen before would be the legendary sinse many live hundred to thousand of years,maybe some fire, for sure rock and steel type, ghost would be expanding a lot with all the deaths, and maybe the pokemon made out of lava and last those wild living in far deep in the might be more but those are the main ones I could see still being able to survive attacks from undead. I can already imagine the absols around the world showing up in all cities warning the people I wonder if they would fall victims to it.
5/29/2020 c3 1Rainbow Prime
The f*** Pikachu! I mean, I would prioritize waking everyone up over getting more sleep!
2/27/2020 c54 AnimationFan2006
I can't wait for the sequel.
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