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10/6/2020 c2 2SakuraHarunoIsGreat
Lol, Shisui was able to perform the Susano with only 1 eye and had activated his mangekyou sharingan at the age of 7, Itachi stands no change against him
4/19/2020 c6 Guest
Shisui...please...shut the fuck up before you die!
7/18/2019 c13 I'mAlsoAWe
I'll be waiting for future chapters!
10/13/2018 c1 Guest
When does it take place in and why are Itachi and shisui aloud on the village? Plz answer
3/29/2018 c13 1Jung.Jaena
I need more update please author senpai
1/21/2018 c13 Guest
Please update
9/7/2017 c13 Jessica Love1
I really like it!
Please keep adding more.
Thank you!
7/26/2017 c13 1TheGuardianAngel18
Please update!
7/2/2017 c13 1Rose Petal System
please update soon
6/26/2017 c13 10Those-carrots
5/21/2016 c13 onlyagirl
Please continue this!
1/30/2016 c10 itasakushisui
I FUCKING love this I love itachi and Shisui I LoVe you!( not that way)
Love the story make more
1/27/2016 c13 Guest
Oh my gosh u updated! \()/
I like that u kept Ino in the focus as well, I can't wait to see where everyone goes~
1/4/2016 c12 Guest
12/31/2015 c13 Shadow.nao
Please update soon!
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