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for Kalia and Bangs, Travelers of Dimensions Episode 1: Sonic Adventure 2

1/6/2013 c1 1TheEighthLight
so this is kinda like a reverse ghostking crackfic you go in instead of ghostking and sarah bringing people out
12/15/2012 c1 1SilverWolf1130
I will give my reviews to anyone except for the people who do gay stories
10/22/2012 c3 35Acid Fish
interesting story, I am not usually a fan of people going into sonic world but I suppose it works for you, awesome job and please continue!
10/17/2012 c2 5finallyexploded
This review is my opinion which you can either agree or disagree with.
I was quite disappointed reading this. The story isn't quite as funny as your original, and basically is a self-insert.

Not to say it's bad, though. It's perfectly okay, and also had some cute moments, but it's... regular. Ordinary. You didn't really give us anything to laugh about.
10/13/2012 c2 3Acaybay
It's good so far, can't wait for the next update xD
10/2/2012 c2 1Rose Pattern
Another one of those "People going to Sonic's world" fanfictions eh? This one's pretty good. *Thumbs Up* Keep up the good work!


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