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for Salvation

4/3/2015 c1 Purple Sprinkles
someone please adopt this story!
10/12/2013 c3 piapow
this is very good! please please you have to keep writing!
greetings from Argentina! :D
8/14/2013 c3 it iz wat it iz
OMG.. this is great. Seeing how this pair my obsession I'm so happy that you wrote this. Cant wait till their romance develops. I want to marry Aizen though he probably kill me.. Hehe. anyways please continue!
7/1/2013 c1 james
I like the beginning! I wish there were a lot more aizenxyoruichi SMUTTY fics. That wud be pretty continue with this story. hope it has lemony goodness that's good 4 u in every perverted way...
6/21/2013 c3 DragonSlayer96
I love how passionate and affectionate Aizen is. Love this story!
6/16/2013 c3 8Nessie Kiku
So curious as to what happens... Cliff hangers are my one weakness.
6/11/2013 c2 1RAMI MALEKS TYPE
Ah oh! Who is it? Like any and everyone else, I hate cliffhangers but this was awesome! Thanks for the chapter and update soon (-ish I guess, if you don't feel rushed) :3
6/8/2013 c2 Guest
Ahhh, thanks for updating! This is so well-written and I love it! Everything flows together well. I wonder who stopped the general's blade. Keep it up! :)
5/28/2013 c2 8Nessie Kiku
Yay! Chapter 2! Can't wait for the next chapter!
2/14/2013 c1 Nessie Kiku
Nice story plz continue
10/2/2012 c1 1RAMI MALEKS TYPE
Yes, yesyesyesyesyes, you really should continue this 'cause so far it's too interesting for you hold out on this! Question? Is Tousen there?

Update whenever you feel please! ;3
10/1/2012 c1 Guest
Wow! I really liked this! I love the bond Yoru, Kisuke and Kuukaku have, especially Kisuke and Yoru. I love where the story is heading.
9/30/2012 c1 Lord Herobrine
By the way, to try to answer your holster question...

There is a quiver that holds arrows ready for use if that's what you are thinking of. Or, if you were thinkibg of a holster related to a bow, then no. You can wear it on your back, but there is no such thing as an extendo bow.

(however there is something similar in the avengers with hawkeye)
9/30/2012 c1 2metsfan101
omg this was amazing
9/30/2012 c1 Stoneplus
I really like this pairing very much. Sad that there are not many stories out there. And your story here is great. I'm eager to find out what will happen next. You are doing a good job. I'm looking forward to your next chapters.
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