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for After the Angels

9/30/2015 c1 202hollyhobbit101
That part about going by Mrs Williams broke my heart completely. It sort of signifies a proper end to their travels with the Doctor.
7/23/2013 c2 22Kina Kalamari
The first chapter was decent, but this second one really took the cake. You did a wonderful job. And I — who am in fact a River fan — would never have guessed that you weren't. You managed her voice well and didn't taint the story with your opinions, so good on you.

This was sad and heartwarming and just generally a lovely read. Thank you. :)
1/4/2013 c2 Guest
Melancholy ending, but well written and I enjoyed a little bit more elucidation on the matter. Thanks for writing it.
10/4/2012 c2 5ChasingYou
The ending still made me feel sad. But if I'm honest, I'm glad they got a proper goodbye. After everything, they deserve a proper goodbye. Again, thank you for writing this. It is absolutely amazing!
10/4/2012 c1 ChasingYou
Oh, this was truly amazing! I can't get over how truly amazing this was. I was crying when I watched the Angels take Manhattan, but this just made it all a little better. Thank you for writing this!
10/3/2012 c2 2MusicCompletesMeTKD
This was an amazing story! I was so sad after TATM and felt like they never did get a proper goodbye. This was definitely a believable ending that I feel is much happier. Thank you. :)
10/3/2012 c2 81steelneena
Your River was wonderful. And that's coming from a big River fan.
10/3/2012 c2 13PrincessAndula
Wouldn't have known that you didn't adore River if you hadn't said so. Thanks for the happy ending.
10/3/2012 c2 Kimmerv2
Thank you! Finally someone addressed the whole vortex manipulator taking 2 people to the past issue. I bad remembered that offer the Doctor made to Rory also in that episode and wondered why they didn' t just use that to visit them. Lovely story. Great work.
10/3/2012 c2 4uzumaki misaki
Wow! This was amazing! Well done!
10/3/2012 c2 32Web of Obsidian
Sweet, sweet closure. Good job.
10/3/2012 c2 14Manga-fan-99
so romantic! have u seen the newest episode? (7) its just like this...
9/30/2012 c1 78the ticking clock
as if i needed to cry more...
absolutely beautiful. amazing job.
9/30/2012 c1 81steelneena
Of all the ones like this that I've read - and there are a lot of them already - this one is my favourite.
9/30/2012 c1 4uzumaki misaki
Second part please! Very well done!

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