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12/14/2015 c1 FD4me
Good chapter, but you have described American icing. British icing, especially on a wedding cake is Royal icing and is as hard as concrete! LOL. So this scenario just couldn't have happened but nevertheless I love a bit of smut so still enjoyed this 1 shot very much.
6/15/2014 c1 Mimi
Deliciously scrumptious smut! ;-)
10/8/2012 c1 4Connie Weasley
Pure smut, and I loved it ]

Connie x
10/4/2012 c1 1SpangleyPony
Hehe, love it!
10/4/2012 c1 PelirrojaBiu
9/30/2012 c1 Guest
Loved it! Matthew x Cake will always be one of my favorite ships ;) Thanks for writing!
10/1/2012 c1 downtonlove
Bring on the cake please! This is so sexy and good! We needed some sexy time make up sex! Thank you!
10/1/2012 c1 17Willa Dedalus
Cake with smut filling works for me.
Bravo :)
10/1/2012 c1 10Lady Etiquette
Awwwwe...sweet delight indeed! Who doesn't love wedding cake and a little shagging? Very sexy notions with the frosting. **Woo, is it hot in here or what?!**
9/30/2012 c1 jstreis3
That was absolutely delicious.
9/30/2012 c1 13jupisan
Matthew's cake obession is so funny.

does this count as makeup-sex, I thin it does.

Fandom rejoice.

Now Happy M/M and no more money woes.
9/30/2012 c1 2HankLover
Mmm...yummy! ;)
9/30/2012 c1 dalovergirl93
Aaaaahhhhhhh that was great!
9/30/2012 c1 luvgoround
Delicious! Really lovely way to eat cake and icing. Mmmm

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