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for Persona 3 to 4: The True Wildcard

2/11/2014 c1 Tower Knight
you should do Minato x Chie
1/9/2014 c2 ZERO
Still no chapter 3 yet?
10/12/2013 c2 4rickyp01
Good work. keep it up.

Its to early for me to make a 'proper' revieuw with constructive criticism (Translation: You havent messed up yet as far as im concerned) but i just thought i would make it known that i look forward to reading more of this. (also the 'not yet' didnt mean i was expecting you to),
9/23/2013 c2 ZERO
Nice!When's the next chapter?
4/22/2013 c2 kitanalao
hm... this is short chapter. not much i could say about this chapter but i 'll look forward to see where you will take this story goes... so please update...
4/21/2013 c1 kitanalao
hmm... interesting idea... i'll put this to my fav list...
2/4/2013 c2 StoryTagger2
I do wonder, though, if covering the room in Velvet somehow connects the room in some way to THE VELVET ROOM. Not enough to allow direct access to the actual Room, but enough to draw on some of the protections afforded to the room. Good story so far, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
12/12/2012 c2 wilson
Dude, I see potential of a long lasting good fanfic in this one, so if you please do update it frequently
11/3/2012 c1 Twinkle Ace
Interesting story. Keep it up
11/3/2012 c2 ChaosRune
Excellent! I wonder where is the velvet room that Minato is in. Also, when you mentioned weapons, you only mentioned the ones he bought from Kurosawa and the ones from Elizabeth, does that means that he doesn't have Fusion Weapons? (The ones made from a Persona).

Anyway, great fic, and I hope you find the time to update soon.
11/3/2012 c1 ChaosRune
Ok, 1st chapter, and Im already hooked on this fic, the way you describe the scenes is great, not too much, and not too little details, just perfect. It also helps that you choose a plot that I always wished was part of canon!
11/2/2012 c2 8Lemo
Okay a couple of things For the pairing I'd really like to vote none at all... But no one seems to be able to do this in a Persona fic ahaha. The second thing is you seem to switch between first person (I, me, we) and second (he, they, etc) at least once each chapter and that is a massive pet peeve of mine xD
11/1/2012 c2 6Tsuki Aizawa
it was good story. keep on

I want yaoi.. :(
11/1/2012 c2 9Frostfire613
Can't wait for more! This is really interesting!
10/9/2012 c1 8MKTerra
I'ma say Naoto! I'm a total Naotophile. Lol! Short, busty girl? Drool... Oh, she has the biggest bust of the P4 cast. If Rise's "Th-that's impossible...!" When looking at Naoto's measurements is anything to go by... And having seen her in the Girl's uniform too.
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