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for Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Doctor Who: Superior Extermination

4/12/2019 c3 Guest
good chapter I hope you do more of this like another story of this crossover and thre one error on tiny one the doctor is not from skaro he from gallifrey when I saw that it said he was it made me laugh
8/8/2017 c7 2petmw14
Well that was a fun adventure! Well written, and I loved all the Doctor Who references used, including incorporating the 5th Doctor into the story! And I liked that cheeky last line the Doctor gives in the last chapter...
7/27/2013 c4 18Optimistic Lyricist
I love this story! My childhood favorite Buzz with my current favorite The Doctor! I wish you'd continue this but seeing as it's been about a year since the last update I suppose that is out of the question :(
3/2/2013 c4 8Raxius
Since it's sequel to a Zoo out there could you have a 2nd chlorm performance . Here's my fanfic for my inspiration and yes you have my permission s/6002906/1/Slave-to-the-Chlroms.
11/29/2012 c4 on
Love the story, but are you talking about the Chlorm when you talk of the "Superior Beings"?
10/7/2012 c1 6Aingirl
Only one review?
I can change that!
I LOVE this idea! Dr. Who has always had a special place in my heart, and so has Toy Story/PIXAR. So, naturally, when I stumbled across this, this is a basic sum of my reaction: AWMAHGAWDTHISISAMAZINGICAN'TBELIEVETHISAWMAGAAAWWWWWD!
I can't get over the way the Doctor is just so... 'Just-go-with-it'! It makes me laugh every time other people are reaking out, but hes totally cool with it. The fact that you're able to keep him in character, is truely something to behold.
I REALLY hope you write a new chapter!
Sincerly, Aingirl
10/1/2012 c1 8Serpentyna
Very creative idea and nicely written. Can't wait for more :)

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