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for Beyblade Transcendent Legacy

12/23/2020 c3 Princess
Its awesome . Its so good . I am eagerly waiting to read the next chapter .Please please please update soon.
5/8/2013 c3 20Jac.exe
Uh..Kai...Lita...WHY DID YOU TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF?! Aren't you in Russia?! In Soviet Russie, cold kills you!

Oh God, Max is gonna get rapped by rabid fan girls!

...Lucky bastard..
10/15/2012 c2 10Desastrus
Oh dear, Maxie, what HAVE you put yourself into?

And Mystel will be blading with the white Tigers? Interesting. I wonder who the two men at the end of that scene. -racks brain for characters that fit the description-

Oh no, Black Dranzer's back. That's definitle bad. D:

I like how Tala (assuming that's him) knew that it was Kai by that pillar of fire. :P And yay, the Majestics!

The F Dynasty is splitting up? Hmm, curious.

And omg, you're using the characters from the manga! I've never read any fics with them. This bit made me a bit confused: ["With the power of the inert beasts released, I'm going to need some help. With the tournament coming up, I decided to find the three unused characters within the manga and bring them to the tournament. Let's start with introductions, I'm Keegan."] So...these three aren't 'real'?

And lol, Max is so screwed. Is Emily crushing on him? XD

Well, looking forward to the next chapter! You have an exciting story going on. :3
10/15/2012 c1 Desastrus
Yay, another season four fic! -dances- :D

Of course, Kai, Max and Rei have to leave the team. So competitive. XD And Zeo! He's not my favourite character, but I like how you used him here.

Oooh, the last part is intriguing. That Bloody Devil bitbeast sounds freaky. Teleportation abilities. o_o i wonder what else it can do.
10/15/2012 c2 20Jac.exe
Max is in some serious hot water. XD
10/5/2012 c1 Jac.exe
I know Tysone's the main character, but I will ALWAYS root for Max!

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