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for His Lady

7/27/2013 c1 3NotTitan213
Ah, how I've missed Jukebox. This turned out really cute, lovely job. Thank you for making my evening. 3
7/26/2013 c1 8NickyRockit
This was so sweet! I'm such a Jukebox fantard, but I can't help it! Their relationship might seem cute and all but deep inside it's actually really complicated and forbidden. I guess that's why I'm so attracted to this couple, and I love what you wrote. :)
1/9/2013 c1 Guest
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10/8/2012 c1 12the meaty grape
her man xD haha great story. The metaphors are great, everyone loves a good metaphor! Another Mike/Julie fan? hmmmmm interesting...haha don't be creeped out. I hope you write more :)
10/6/2012 c1 Guest
Looovveeee It! it pierces the heart/3 will you please write more?
10/1/2012 c1 Guest
awww this is so cute:) I really liked it! You should write more like this!
10/1/2012 c1 RachelZimon
I loved this! It mostly because of the last few sentences and I mean Julie is kind of his lady at this point :) You've got a very charming writing style which I find is hard to come by. I hope to see more from you :3 Great job

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