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8/6 c13 1mayawene
thank you
12/4/2021 c13 Guest
I adore this
9/10/2021 c13 18YamiYugiYuki
Reading this story while eating is dangerous. Its just too funny. I newrly choked several times while listening to my iPad read to me. I absolutely adore this series. Your an amazing writer. I hope your doing well
6/4/2020 c1 l8440160
This is a fantastic story!
I looove all of them)
Thank you!
10/24/2018 c13 1Madkatt
I Love :Love LOVE this entire series and the characters you created are brilliant!
7/24/2017 c1 ganymede88
Wonderful as always! Love it all!
9/26/2016 c13 All The Pretty Horses
I wonder what the 'extreme ironing event' actually looks like...
6/23/2015 c9 Fleecy
I just love Theo
6/22/2015 c5 Fleecy
A friend at work Claire suggested you when we were talking about finding good fanficton. She said you have a similar sense of humour. She was completely right and I am glad she gave me your name.
5/1/2015 c13 6fsdgkjhgskgbh
Ok I love all your stories so much :) I think my favourite bits will always be any and all tormenting of Renard haha of course he would be manipulated and embarrassed by a toddler. Great work
2/18/2015 c1 1Little13Silence
Great story :)
1/23/2015 c13 23Deborahpflover
Ahhh such an amazing story! This ending was really adorable. And the rest of the story was perfectly paced, very detailed, hilarious sometimes and with a great amount of tension. I'm really glad I found this, there aren't enough good Grimm fanfics out there. If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna read the rest of this series now!
1/22/2015 c5 Deborahpflover
Hallo! Can I just say this is a really cool story? Because it is. Even though I kinda realise I fell right in the middle of it, I didn't realize it was a serie... XD I'm totally planning on reading the other stories though. And, I'm very, VERY suprised by your OC's. They're great! How did you get the idee to make them Dutch? Sorry for being so curious but it's kinda a suprise when you're quietly reading an English story and you get across Dutch language all of a sudden. It's a nice suprise though! Not being critic here, just a 'wait- what?' moment. Are you Dutch? Because you had a great amount of details like 'Schiphol' and 'k in the g'. The Dutch sentences were also mostly correct- oh wait before I start rambling: I'm Dutch. Seriously this was so much fun to read, I was SO suprised. I live in Zuid-Holland and I've been on Schiphol and the Dutch sentences just randomly popping up, that's just awesome! So yeah, I really like this so far, and I'm gonna ho back to reading the rest now!
10/29/2014 c13 43satomika

There's a lot of action; and Sean has a major role, kinda-...

It was absolutely fun reading it!

I was laughing out loud at some parts :D

Great job!
10/17/2014 c13 Shadowcat85
I really enjoyed this story it made me lol quite a bit. I also really liked your OCs Jan and Denny and Theo I could actually envision them all as regulars on the show or something.
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