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12/6/2012 c20 2NKubie
An unhappy man surprised to find that his smile is genuine. - Well, at least it was genuine.

Edward field strips his cigarette and pockets the butt - Curious thing to do. I imagine there's some significance to it, but I'm not sure what it is...yet.

He's betting Jake's answer would have been similar. - I hope so, but I'm worried that he's almost too far gone. Would his answer be closer to Edward's? At this point, probably not, but maybe in the future?

Looking forward to TBQ when you're ready. Hope your new job is going well and you get up to speed quickly. (That's me being selfish).

12/6/2012 c19 NKubie
Now I have to wonder if even Edward's laughter is real.

I could understand Edward's answer, though. Perhaps Aro taking Edward's life and corrupting it or taking his mother's life; those are the things he finds most cruel. Or not. Just guessing.

I have to wonder if Jake's answer is the same as it would have been before he worked for Dimitri.

Love Vic, btw, in case I didn't tell you earlier.
12/6/2012 c18 NKubie
My hubby would have chosen the Newcastle. I have no idea why I'm telling you that.

Edward tries to look self-conscious
He feigns embarrassment - These are all part of the facade. I hate that he's become this.

However, if TBQ ends up like HiFi, it will totally be worth all the angst and crap. That last chapter, still engaged to that one; just waiting to set the date. ;)
12/6/2012 c17 NKubie
This Sam reminds me of my son. Please keep him safe!

Apparently, from your earlier a/n, you understand the crazy busy crap too. Sorry and hope it's better now.

I also remember that Bella and Edward won't be together, together from the WitFits because this is really a prologue to your eventual story, right? I am looking forward to their paths finally crossing, though. I'm wondering if he'll be the new bartender. But why? Would Aro want him keeping tabs on Jake or maybe Bella to use as leverage against Jake if something goes wrong. I'm totally grasping at straws of an unknown haystack right now. Can you tell?
12/6/2012 c16 NKubie
Wow. Not many guys would go down on a woman after they came in her. Now that's a man who loves his woman. Or he's desperate to re-connect. Or both.

The money that Jake gets is dirty. I know that much. I have to wonder if maybe Demitri is using Jake as a courier for more than just cars.
12/6/2012 c15 NKubie
I'm feeling really uncomfortable about their marriage. Duh. And in true shipper fashion, I want Bella to get with Edward anyway, but now not. Maybe. IDK. I'm conflicted and apparently typing stream of consciousness. I'll stop now.

P.S. Apparently not yet stopping. Like this version of Alice...and the band. Didn't know she could point a microwave at an audience, though. LOL
12/6/2012 c14 NKubie
Apparently, Heidi's warning was warranted, but went unheeded. That's a shame. This was a nice Jake. I'm with Vic, though. Perhaps he is cheating, among other things.
12/6/2012 c13 NKubie
You ever get that where even the things that give you enjoyment feel overwhelming? Well, that's what happened and why I had to stop reading for a while. I was up to my ass in alligators and had to get out of the swamp before I could keep up with the updates. Which I didn't so I am now. Nuff said. :)

Honestly, I'm not sure my hubby has a pic of me either and the ones I have of him are on my phone. I do, however, carry pics of the kids in my purse and on the phone. Is that wrong? Eek. Hope not.

I worry for Jake, even though traditionally I'm not a Jake lover. And Edward is so messed up now. Not sure how I feel, tbh. I like that Heidi warned Jake, though. Not sure why, I just am. The association with Demetri is what's going to bring them together with Edward, isn't it? Don't answer, I'll just keep reading. :)
12/3/2012 c20 keyboardkath
First off, I would like to say that I read the 20 chapters straight at 12 midnight, even if I had to wake up early the next day.
Second, I'd like to apologize for not being able to post a review for each chapter. Which is unjust. Because thirdly, each chapter is so good it deserves a review. You have a way of writing that keeps us wanting for more. And your characters! Don't even get me started on them. Whereas other authors get stuck writing one-dimensional characters, yours are just real and honest.
Amazing work, girl.
11/30/2012 c20 jbwebb
Ok just read this through and never realized you wrote high fidelity until I read your profile! Makes so much more sense now because the whole time I'm reading black queen, I am thinking - now this is a well written fic, like hi fi was! Omg. What an idiot I am. And you keep saying, lo expectations. are u crazy? I am soooooooo hooked on these characters I can't wait for the story to start! This was sooooo good, better than 99% of most completed fics. I am totally loving this story! So, come back as soon as u can, this is torture waiting ! Hurry ! Hahah. Can't wait for some e b action. Enough of jake! Hurry! Please! Well,don't get fired though. Just don't forget us.
11/23/2012 c20 ClosetRobsessed
Great writing! Can't wait for more!
11/15/2012 c20 Heidi82
Noooo, this was the last chapter? Is the witfit finished? Should we wait for the " real story" to begin? Or maybe you are too busy at the moment with your new job and all, congrats by the way on that :) Either way I'm so excited about this story and I hope you will write again, very soon I hope! :)
11/15/2012 c19 Heidi82
Low expectations only, huh? How can one have low expectations when your writing is like this? Seriously. Just saying..
11/15/2012 c18 Heidi82
11/15/2012 c16 Heidi82
What has he done?!
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