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9/18 c78 4duchessduchie
I like how you used/tied in the last line to the discussion above regarding things worth dying for which was a great way to structure the one shot and have a powerful ending.
9/13 c77 duchessduchie
Way to tug on the heart strings. Excellent job at getting into Dom’s head.
9/12 c76 duchessduchie
This was such a great light hearted one shot. I’d love to see a sequel. I love the bit that went something like why would Letty choose the light gentle method when she could use a sledge hammer. I also love how Letty was trying to stay mad but was getting distracted by Dom/ admitted he was attractive. I also love the line about how vince was as much her friend as Dom’s and how Letty was closer to Mia.
9/9 c75 duchessduchie
This was just perfect! I love how you expanded the deleted scene. I love the addition of Mia and Letty conversation. It was just perfect how all Letty wanted to know if Brian made Mia happy and then Letty would deal with Dom. Your insite into the characters is always so spot on.
9/8 c74 duchessduchie
Well, that was a twist Letty and Tran together. You set up their relationship in such a perfect and realistic way. I love how Letty was tempted/ had her eye on Dom. I love your comparison of racing to dancing. The race scene was so well done.
9/6 c73 duchessduchie
I am so glad that you continued from the previous chapter. The Dom and Vince interaction was spot on. I love how Dom only figured that it was Letty he wanted after Vince literally told him. So obvious.
9/6 c72 duchessduchie
Poor Letty. You really pulled at my heart strings for Letty. I like how you made Dom the hopeless romantic who just wanted a real relationship.
9/6 c71 duchessduchie
You did a amazing job keeping Dom IC when he fainted. I did have a good laugh at Dom fainting. I really love how you description and lead up to tony finding Dom laying down on the couch.
9/4 c70 duchessduchie
I love this take on the dotty wedding. I love how Dom knew letty’s measurements. I love the whole discussion about Mia wanting to be a part of the wedding for years. But my favorite part was how they were getting married for them.
9/1 c69 duchessduchie
I really enjoyed this. I love how Letty beat the racer. I like how Dom handled the situation. All the dottyness was perfect with their interactions. I love the part about Letty leaning against Dom with the American muscle line. I laughed at Dom line about what else he could be doing.
9/1 c68 duchessduchie
This was interesting reading how the two of them would have been like. I love your description about the well worn books. How you described the books, is exactly how I would tell if a book was loved.
8/28 c67 duchessduchie
Lol! Way to go Letty. I love how Letty put the jerk in the hospital. I enjoyed how Dom was flummoxed/angry at while he was trying to figure out what happened. My favorite part was the part about the neon sign.
8/26 c66 duchessduchie
This gave me a lots of laughs. Great variation to Brian rescuing Dom. The best and the part I laughed so much at was when Letty went to her home and Dom was like my home is down the street.
8/26 c65 duchessduchie
I love how Letty awoke in the middle of the night that realized she had always loved Dom and that she wanted him to know. It was bitter sweet part when Dom hesitated because he wasnt sure of Letty’s feelings for him.
8/26 c64 duchessduchie
Poor Letty. I love how you worked in Anastasia and the palace. I would never thought of those ever being intertwined with the Fast and Furious world yet you worked everything together flawlessly. The part about Letty knowing Shaw knew she is but not having the nerve to ask because it must be that she was a bad person was great. My favorite part has to be when she has the flashback of Dom brushing a tear away.
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