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2/26/2015 c67 Guest
Cute! Who is Toni? Is she another member of the gang?
2/25/2015 c67 XX12
hahaha poor guy that's gotta hurt, but he surely deserves it.
2/25/2015 c67 Karikocha
LOL, Loved this one.
Great update.
2/25/2015 c67 1rainbowglitterfairy
I literally laughed out loud because of Dom. (: He was so angry and Letty almost laughed kn his face... It's hilarious! Love this update! (:
2/11/2015 c53 4duchessduchie

I really like how you flush out so many emotions and enrich the cannon. You do such a great job at showing how much Dom needs Letty and vice versa.


I really love how Letty saved Dom. You made it very believable. I love the bit about Dom's Neanderthal brain.
2/10/2015 c51 duchessduchie
Chapter 50

Poor Dom. I love the bit of Mia and Brian.

Chapter 51
I've never heard the 15th called half priced chocolate day- it sounds like a much better day than valentines day. I love the bit about how dotty should get a room and Dom can't help but think that he has a whole house.
2/7/2015 c49 duchessduchie
This was such a sweet drabble. I love your take on if ff1 was a stand alone. You are so amazing a writing lines that perfectly sum up dotty. I love this line "The two of them were a mixture of NOS fast and continental drift slow."
2/6/2015 c45 Stevie A
Super chapter. As always. The way you explore emotions is fantastic. Sad to see Letty so hard and so changed though. Makes my heart break for her. You make it clear what Dom broke when he left her. :-(

Heartbreakingly well written!
2/6/2015 c66 Guest
Seriously great chapter. The frenetic pace, the hit and in-control Letty, Dom being bowled over by her! I like how you turned the expectation of Dom being the cocky string guy on its ear and made Letty his savior!

And I kinda hate you for putting the image of Letty being Dom's stalker and wanting to make him her sex slave into my head before work today! Waay too distracting! ;-)

(I know you don't do M rated stuff, but could *someone* please write that as its own standalone story?! Dom as Letty's sex slave. Drool...)
2/6/2015 c66 Stevie A
Great update! Love how Letty is the crazy one keeping Dom out of his comfort zone. Steong and in charge (the seatbelt part was too awesome!) ;-)

More more more!
2/5/2015 c48 duchessduchie
As soon as I read the words Baha
Men I couldn't help but start to say who let the dogs out. Lol. Anyway back to your drabble: I love how you included Leon. He never seems to be in mentioned much in fics so it is so nice to see him in this Drabble. I have soft spot for him. I love love love how you mentioned the scar that Dom got when Letty shot him. I can't help but notice that Gisele is magically alive. :)
2/5/2015 c47 duchessduchie
First Christmas together at home. Wow. That bit was powerful.
I also love how Dom has to be the one driving with the exception of Letty. :)
2/5/2015 c45 duchessduchie
I love the this bit of writing: "admitting a decidedly hostile air." I couldn't help but chuckled because it fits Letty so well. I also like how you brought in that red leather jacket again.
2/5/2015 c66 Please
"Maybe she'd tie him up and keep him as a sex slave..."

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write that as a story! ;-)

Fans herself...
2/5/2015 c66 Guest
Omg! Letty demanding he wear a seatbelt was too priceless! And perfect!
I loved your description of big strong Dom scared by Letty's driving! ROTFLOL!
Great job writing how much Letty turned his whole world upside down: like Alice down the rabbit hole!
" His somewhat psychotic angel of mercy". indeed! :-)

Thank you so much for an excellent chapter that put a smile on my face!
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