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11/19/2014 c62 12geea2
You are such a badass. How do you have this endless stream of creativity? Every chapter reinvents this couple in a way that is as viable and passionate and flawless as the last. I so enjoy your work! This chapter damn near broke my heart! That moment that Letty thought it was all a joke, I had tears in my eyes. I also love thy Dom's thoughts insinuate that he confided in his sister.
11/17/2014 c62 Firefly-class
So cute!
11/16/2014 c62 14Joani
This was wonderfully cute, and not in the ooshy fashion. Lovely!
11/16/2014 c62 554SereneCalamity
Aw that was the cutest ! I absolutely loved it !
11/16/2014 c62 laoura24
OMG just perfect!
but i want a kiss LOL
I like Dom who admits without actually confessed his feelings for Letty great thrills I love!
11/16/2014 c62 Shawnied777
"The suite was fitted to him, tailored to his form and cupping the curve of his butt like two smooth happy hands. The coat sat on his broad shoulders and whispered down his chest as if it loved to touch him and couldn't let go."

I don't know how you come up with this stuff but it's GOLD! I read that description like OH LAWD lol. But omg, that whole ending was just the sweetest thing! I love that Dom really wanted her to go and Mia was the "fairy godmother who made it happen". That was so dang perfect! *tear*
11/16/2014 c61 Shawnied777
"Not hanky panky yet, Mia thought as she walked closer, but defiantly overtures and beginners to hanky panky. And, considering what she knew about her brother and what she had deduced from observing Trouble, quite probably spanky too..."

LOL! I love that you didn't tell us that "Trouble" was Letty until almost the end! Certainly made the first part a lot of fun, and then when she put the skanks in their place...perfect. That's the Letty we know and love haha!
11/16/2014 c62 Marika
Loved it! Thank you so much for the tiny flash back in italics. It makes it clear that Dom is as head over heels for letty as she is for him. Up until then, all we had was letty assuming he'd be with random girls-not exactly the guy pining for her. This was perfect!
11/16/2014 c60 Shawnied777
"Run all you want Letty, it doesn't matter to me. Just know this," His voice was a heated caresses that slid across her skin like liquid silk and made her heart clench until she though it might burst with the pressure. "No matter what I will always, always, come for you."

OMG OMG OMG! This. This part right here gave me all the life! I felt like that gave me Fast 6 Dom and Letty feels and I loved every second of it!
11/16/2014 c62 lola
That was beautiful
11/10/2014 c61 12geea2
I forgot I was reading your drabble collection so when I got to the end of the chapter I was like, "I can't wait for the next chapter!" And then realized there would never be a follow up and I was so sad! I have contentment in knowing that every chapter is a blessing that inspires me in different, unexpected ways but I just connected with that chapter. It almost made me want to experiment with writing about teenaged Dom and Letty, and I infamously run from that age range for them! Excellent job par the usual.
11/2/2014 c60 Alima8
I love it... no matter where she runs to he will find her and I love the fact that all my favorite writers are writing this
Thank u Geea2 .. its great to read what everyone came up with it
11/2/2014 c60 geea2
Love, love, loved it! I love how it was all a very heady flirtation, promising that together they would ignite, but respecting that such a powerful connection wouldn't just be in bed. Poor Letty had to run away, that probably didn't sit well with her. I really liked that Vince tried to save him too. Only Letty and Vince seem to know that the relationship was probably bad news, although for different reasons. Dom is just so sure, so confident, and that's just sooo exactly like him. Thanks so much for participating. It wouldn't have been the same without you!
11/2/2014 c60 Firefly-class
This was really good.I started just as trapped ssy Letty by the end.
11/2/2014 c60 554SereneCalamity
I love it ! So glad you wrote one as well :)
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