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8/25 c63 4duchessduchie
Great job at describing the inner workings of Letty and Dom. Letty flipping through the channels until landed on the news before she could really verbalize what is happening was a great plot point.
8/25 c62 duchessduchie
This was absolutely perfect. I love how Letty loved her dress. Mia’s role in getting Letty there for Dom was just so perfect. I love the awkwardness of the song changing to a slow song. I squealed when I read Dom’s line about how he would have taken her.
8/24 c61 duchessduchie
I love reading about Dotty from Mia’s perspective. I love how Mia and Letty bonded over brothers. How letty handled Dom’s fan club was brilliant and ties so perfectly in with the first movie.
8/23 c60 duchessduchie
The approach you took to the song was entertaining. I love the part about Letty’s idea of Dom and the reality of him. I love the little details you layered into the story, e.g., the purple spray paint for the starting line.
8/23 c59 duchessduchie
Wow. Way to handle a tough prompt/challenge and keep everyone in character and make it fit dotty. Dom’s resignation and Mia anger, so spot on.
8/23 c58 duchessduchie
I so loved this one. Perfect job at capturing Letty trying to ignore Dom who was intentionally trying to tempt/tease her. I love the Mia and Letty friendship and the line about how Letty could over look Mia non appreciation of engines. Mia last line really made me laugh.
8/22 c57 duchessduchie
I am so glad that you continued this on for another chapter. I love how Dom reacted to his father and vince’s joy at Dom’s reaction. I love how Dom was engaging with Letty and still went back to talk to her after the fight. I laughed at Vince’s surprise that Letty could be meek to her mother.
8/22 c56 duchessduchie
I love your version of how they met at a race. Dom immediately being drawn in. Letty’s attitude. The challenge of a race. Poor Mia having to deal with her friends attraction to Dom. And Mia knowing this was going to end in trouble.
8/22 c55 duchessduchie
I was rereading your works after years of not reading it and I have to say that your writing is amazing. You have such a perfect grasp of Dom and Letty’s voice and can make any scenarios work for them. I am excited to see that you have written a bunch more and now I get the opportunity to read them. Regarding this chapter, I love the comparison of Letty to a Tasmanian devil. So fitting.
11/26/2019 c82 Glykal
Thank you for this chapter! This tragedy was presented so delicately and with such respect for the characters. Brilliant!
11/26/2019 c82 Yeah Mendes
Wow! So sad, intense but so cool too. You back for us :D Thanks for sharing !
11/25/2019 c82 3vpd7
OMG! Its so sad. I love it.
11/24/2019 c82 Shawnied777
Omg. At first I thought this was when Letty “died” and how Mia endured the funeral and such. But then I realized they were so young and...damn. How terribly heartbreaking for both Dom and Mia. You wrote this so vividly I could see everything perfectly in my mind. The accident, Letty’s comforting embrace and Dom’s raw pain. Especially Archibald, what an adorable name! It’s crazy how one decision can derail so many lives in an instant. Great job as always!
11/23/2019 c81 Shawnied777
OMG I love this song and I desperately, DESPERATELY miss your writing! You’ve still got that Dotty magic 3
7/15/2019 c80 3imwritingthesewords
I just wanted to say that I love this chapter. I’ve read it several times and I think about it from time to time. I feel like this is something that they would do. Well done! Thanks
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