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5/14/2015 c74 554SereneCalamity
I absolutely LOVE this song - actually I just love Ellie Goulding in general. And this was hit , probably one of my favourite so far :)
5/11/2015 c73 2sassymelissa
Wow I just finished reading all 73 pages and I have to say, I really didn't think I would like it because it was a different story every page but some how u kept me interested. I had to see what the next thing u were going to come up with I love the story with dom and Mia talking about letty being pregnant when she could die u had me in tears. I loved all ur stories. Was when in if u had one that was after ff7 when dom says u can't tell someone they love them. Because I would love to see what u think would happen after that. Just so u no ur an amazing writer
5/9/2015 c73 14Joani
I love this inner glance of these two! But there's always room for trashy teenage Dotty. ;)
5/8/2015 c73 Never a Writer
I love your updates! If it were any other girl, I'd be worried about her being the rebound. But this is Dotty. They belong together! I'm so glad you decided to write a sequel to the last chapter. This one sent me on a Dotty fan made video binge. I watched a ton of videos that I had already seen in the past and they still sent me to tears.
5/8/2015 c73 Alima8
I love the song saw a dotty video with that song on you tube lol but I love this ... lol Vince killed me his hillarious..
trashy teenage Dotty yes pls
5/8/2015 c73 laoura24
crazy funny vince!
5/8/2015 c73 Nicole
Love all of these stories ️️️
5/8/2015 c73 lola
Vince was too funny!
5/8/2015 c73 554SereneCalamity
Hahaha I love it ! That was so cute and sweet.
I have to admit that Vince isn't my favourite , but I liked him in this :)
5/8/2015 c73 Wildheart
Love it, hope you update soon
5/7/2015 c72 Guest
Great stuff. Part 2? Please?
5/4/2015 c72 Nicole
Love all your snip it's ️
5/4/2015 c72 13Girlz-Rule
great update :D
5/3/2015 c72 Guest
It's kind of refreshing to read a story about fom getting his heart broken when the girl he's dating doesn't want anything serious. It's like the opposite of all the Dom-sleeps-around-and-breaks-girls-hearts stories. :-). I love that it's dom who wants a ' committed monogamous relationship'!

You did a great job with this! Making Dom a romantic instead of a player! As always, superb!

Ps I really worry about people who blue the lines between characters and the actors who play them. That's the kind of thing people with mental illness do...
5/3/2015 c72 Never a Writer
I like this chappie. Once again, you've made the characters feel so real that I want to just jump into the story and yell at Dom to look at who's in front of him. Thanks for the update! You rock!
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