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4/24/2015 c69 Guest
Lol Dom and Letty are just so awesome together. There should be a hundred fast and furious movies just so I can see more of them. Even though that's impossible, you make it seem possible with chapters like these. Thank you for being such an awesome writer and for writing Dotty
4/24/2015 c66 Guest
Lol that's cute. Letty is awesome
4/24/2015 c65 Guest
This would so fit into canon as like an ending scene! I wish they did!
4/24/2015 c64 Guest
I can't imagine the pain she must be feeling. I'm glad that Dom found her in canon
4/24/2015 c62 Guest
That was sweet
4/24/2015 c61 Never a Writer
Lol Iove how letty and Mia's relationship start. Funny and sweet
4/24/2015 c60 Guest
Wow. I also hope there's a follow up to this. You're super good! After almost every chapter, I hope for a follow up. You come up with great ideas and plots for fics, in addition to the emotion you bring.
4/24/2015 c59 Never a Writer
Oh man, you had me bawling
4/24/2015 c58 Guest
Lol they're so cute! I'm so happy you wrote a companion to the previous chapter (and the chapter before). I hope there's a continuation to this chapter
4/24/2015 c57 Never a Writer
I love it! The way you described the siblings going at each other was so funny! I could just see it happening in my head
4/24/2015 c56 Guest
Lol I wish I could see what happens next
4/24/2015 c55 Guest
Oh boy was that depressing
4/22/2015 c54 Guest
I think you did a great job. I like this chapter
4/22/2015 c52 Guest
Ok maybe just one more chapter
4/22/2015 c50 Guest
You had me tearing up again. Ok just one more chapter especially it it's a fluffy one so I can end on a good note
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