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for Two of Us

3/1/2015 c3 Guest
Omg pls update this
8/21/2013 c3 Guest
Could you please, pretty please, continue this?
Its so frustrating... PLEEEEASE.
10/11/2012 c1 mggublergal
Oh no, no, no, no you can't end it like this! Michael is such an asshole in the way he's treating Eric and then for him to kiss Terry...I know Eric shouldn't have taken advantage of him (okay, since this is fiction, I admit I'm glad he did and it was sooo sexy and hot, btw ;D) but Michael DID come on to him rather strongly and I think he would've gotten up and staggered after Eric if he did leave him alone and probably tried again until Eric gave in. You mentioned that maybe there was a pairing at the end...could it be Terry and John since Michael had mentioned "Cleese"? Anyroad, sorry this is long but please don't let it end like this *gives you my best puppy eyes, kneeling with hands clasped together* :)))))
10/1/2012 c1 Ms-Anony-Ms
Ahhhh! What the fuck?! How could the first part end there? *sigh* but it's good, it's soooooo good. That was an excited 'what the fuck' because I loooove this. :)

It's so cute. I will leave all my good reviews for LJ. :)

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