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3/31/2016 c2 2TadaselovesAmu
I know that's Fujisaki - Kun !
3/31/2016 c1 TadaselovesAmu
That's Rima for you !
3/7/2015 c1 4ready4more
That was great! I love the character and feel sympathetic towards her. It was a sweet start, good way to begin this, I can't wait to read more!
1/11/2013 c5 Nowhere.Everywhere
awwwwww im soooo sorry tht ur not gonna write anymore :'(... i really did like it esspecially this story... *sigh* well... still...think at me like a friend and a ''supporter'' in ur studies kay'? Good Luck and hope ur gonna start writing again!
With love,
Petalia ;3
11/29/2012 c4 43v3rgone
Well this is gonna be complicated
10/28/2012 c3 sclover
YAY! Luv it so far! Please update SOON! LIKE SOOOOOOONNNNN!
10/22/2012 c3 43v3rgone
Agreed Utua and Tadase *pukes* YAYAYAYAYA Will you do Utau again next?
10/22/2012 c3 1Ern Estine 13624
interesting can't wait for more.;D
10/14/2012 c2 Chocochip-chan
I LOVED IT. at least so far. See ya in the next chapter then!
10/13/2012 c2 mon juchami
terminalo pro con el mismo cap 3
10/12/2012 c2 43v3rgone
Wow this is good are they all gonna work for nagihiko and I go Utau!
10/6/2012 c1 Miyabi Maeko
this is...

10/2/2012 c1 1Moki X
It sounds like a used topic, but of you put some twists it'll be good.
It's fine right now, sounds like the Rima we know. The only things were you added emoticons for some reason and the chapter didn't really end properly.
It has potential, if you don't go by the cliche storyline. Good luck, and continue as soon as possible!
- Moki

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