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for What is Love?

10/7/2019 c5 Guest
Shit just got real
10/7/2019 c1 Guest
He didn't wrap up
8/7/2017 c3 Person
This story is so cute! I'm really enjoying it!
6/11/2017 c5 1PrincessArien
Saw that coming. Anytime characters have unprotected sex even once in fiction, the odds of a pregnancy are astronomically high...and they might as well be one-hundred percent if it happens multiple times. I didn't expect the reveal to come so soon, but the minute you'd said Anri had been feeling ill, I new a surprise pregnancy would be coming at some point within the near future...and now the Saika sword going dead is starting to make sense, *especially* now with miss crazy crackers Haruna's cryptic remarks about Saika whispering it'll be back to her...I'll be very surprised if this theory/hunch isn't at least *partly* right.
6/11/2017 c2 PrincessArien
*Erika* giving dating advice...yeah, that's not going to go well at all, well, I'm sure it'll be hilarious for us in the audience, but hella awkward for anyone actually involved in that conversation. And speaking of the otaku duo, I have to ask, was that exclamation Walker made about aliens controlling people of specific blood types a reference to Doctor Who?

I'm loving this story so far, the characters all feel very accurate so far and the fic feels a lot like the lighter moments within the actual show, and I'm sure once things start developing more with the plot and the time(s) come for more serious things, it'll feel like the more serious sides of the show as well. I'm quite curious as to what's going on with Saika...sentient swords suddenly going capput (*especially* love-freak, borderline yandere ones) is never a good thing, even worse when they have multiple people linked or enslaved to them like with the Saika Army...
5/30/2016 c2 Hanima
Love is fake, well for me it is because humans can say they love someone but they don't , humans end up getting married and having children and after few years then get bored of each another.
5/30/2016 c2 Guest
Love is fake humans don't feel
2/2/2015 c11 Guest
What a great story! This one's really under-rated :(

Anyway, great, great effort. It almost felt like I was watching the anime itself :D
8/5/2014 c3 20King of Beasts
"I kinda shipped Mikado with Masaomi a little."
"Masaomi ran off with Saki. They're canon!"

Oh Erika and Walker. You lovable psychotic otakus.:))
4/21/2014 c11 6TheSecretSeason
Best story I've read in a long time :) perfection!
12/24/2013 c11 anon
Nice to see the story get finished. You have my thanks for that.
6/4/2013 c9 1zanpaku
It was good and I have been waiting for a while but it was a bit short. I mean I know you had writer's block but still it was to short for something someone has been waiting for.
5/30/2013 c9 anon
Will Mikado's parents be making an appearance?
5/30/2013 c9 17Indochine
A nice chapter even if nothing happened, it was nice to see Isaac and Miria again, they add to the funny aspect of the story! ;)))

Good luck with your writer block and I hope you'll update soon!
5/15/2013 c8 29Viceroy Elf
I know you don't know me, and it's not like you or me or anyone else anything, but please, please finish this. The Durarara fanbase has done, let's face it, a lot of stupid things. With this beautiful work of literature, you have redeemed all of it. Please, never give up on this, I have seen too many great fan works fizzle out from disinterest; please do not let that happen. This needs to be finished.
Thank you, for listening, and for writing this beauty.
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