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7/30/2022 c3 Guest
Love it! Keep up the good work! Take your time! I’ll be waiting :)
5/6/2021 c3 KaviMalikJackson
you haven't continued this one... :(
5/16/2020 c3 Someone234
That is a great story
4/20/2019 c3 aarushsaini2004
Hey, it's been seven years! I just want to know if you'll ever continue this story or not. Can you maybe post an update? Both of your stories (Hope and Goode Highschool for Exceptional Children) haven't been updated in a long time. I really would like to know what happens.
1/10/2019 c3 ThisIsanAlt0117
HURRY THE GODDAM UP! (xD that ref tho) ugh I have an unhealthy percabeth obsession...
7/10/2018 c3 4Book-Nerd-1014
I know that you were really busy when you went on “break” and you probably don’t go on here anymore, but are you going to update ever? I feel like this story had good potential and want to keep reading.
9/23/2017 c3 Guest
Please continue
9/12/2017 c3 Hi my name
Continue this pleasee
8/20/2017 c1 Guest
5 years?! Seriously, you MUST have enough time now! PLEASE UPDATE!
4/15/2017 c2 1KoiNami
It's been 5 years, do you have enough time now? I really like this story and want more of it. Please update or just end the story and break my heart. If you end it can you at least put it up for adoption so that there will be more of it and the people who like this story have more of it? Thanks!
1/1/2017 c3 Guest
Did you die or something?! Why no more stories? They are great! Especially Goode High Dchool For Exeptional Children.
11/30/2016 c3 16longlivepercabeth162
please add on more. are there any other ships other than percabeth or just percabeth?
11/30/2016 c1 longlivepercabeth162
i'm pretty sure people could hear me fangirling in china ( i live in the us) that is how good it is
11/20/2016 c3 2ArtsyPaintDoodle
I hope you continue to write this even though it has been 4 years. This story has amazing potential.
10/27/2016 c3 Jewel
I really like this story! Please update!
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