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5/4/2013 c1 10bunny-loverXIV
someone took up your idea
read "Family" s/9263458/1/Family
5/4/2013 c1 zshdvohfdslo
Humm...now that is a really good idea... um, can we start our own story from this? Are we supposed to write our own new story about this and most it on Fanfiction, or do we just do it in the review? Please PM me back ASAP... I don't want to start a new story from this idea without your permission, but this seems really interesting, so yeah...you kinda didn't explain it, so... anyways, I'll just type up the prologue on here...

"Hey, Sven!" Train called. "What's for dinner? I'm starving!"
The green-haired man looked up, irritated. "Just order pizza or something..."
"Aw, come on! We've been living on two minute noodles for the last month!" Train moaned.
"Don't be silly Train, we've only been here for a week," Eve sighed. She was reading the new book that she had got from the library - 101 Ways To Train your Cat. Hey...
"Yeah well, it feels like a month," Train muttered. "Oh, I know! What about we go in town for dinner?"
"That sounds good," Eve said innocently.
"Hey! I'm starting to feel like the father here. How many times do I have to explain to you two that WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY?!"
"Well, a father should take care of his kids," Train countered slyly.
Sven sighed in defeat. "All right..."

"Now THAT was what I call a meal!" Train said happily.
"Yeah...and this is what I call an empty wallet," Sven muttered, holding a, well, empty wallet. Train, however, didn't seem to hear. He was already snoring. "Che... he's really just like a cat. Eat and sleep."
"What do you think he was like when he was a Chronos number?" Eve asked suddenly.
"Huh? You've met him before Eve, he tried to kill you, remember? Back then he was a cold-hearted assassin.
"No, I meant how he behaved and stuff..."
Sven frowned thoughtfully. "Well, he never used to open up this much to people, that's for sure..." Seeing his companion's quizzical look, he explained, "He told us that Saya was the one that changed him, remember?"
Eve nodded. True...
"Aw, now we have no money at all!" Sven moaned.
"Why don't we go catch a bounty while he's asleep then?" Eve suggested. "Then we can act like nothing happened, and he won't know we got more money."
"That's a good idea!" Sven grinned evilly. "Come on, help me drag him to the hideout..."
This didn't prove to be as hard as they thought. Considering that he had just eaten a full course, Train was surprisingly light. 'Where does all that food even go?' Sven sweat-dropped.
"Right!" Sven announced, dusting his hands. "Let's go."

"Huh?" Train yawned, waking up from his comfortable cat-nap. "Did Sven leave his keys inside again?" He looked around the dark room. "Where are they anyways? I don't sense them around..."
"Please!" A faint voice called. "Please, open up!" Train was instantly on high alert. The voice was unmistakeably female - but too low to be Princesses. Train peeked out of the window, and saw that it was raining hard outside. Squinting through the foggy glass, he could just make out the shape of two figures. A man and a woman. But something was wrong. With his highly-trained vision, he could tell that the man's leg was bent at an unnatural angle. He'd broken his leg! After a moment of hesitation, he placed his hand on Hades and unlocked the door. As he had guessed, it was a man and a woman.
"Oh, thank you!" The woman gasped, struggling under the weight of the man. "While we were on the mountains, we got lost, then the rain started, and my husband here slipped and broke his leg..." She looked up at him anxiously. "Do you think we would be able to stay here for a while?"
Train looked them up and down - they weren't carrying any weapons, and he couldn't sense any intent to hurt or kill, so he nodded once and stepped back to let them through. The woman beamed. "Oh thank you! Thank you so much!" After murmuring to her husband, she hobbled in.
"You can rest over here for now," Train gestured to the couch. "I'll go make some hot drinks. But firstly, do you mind if I call my friends? It's just that we kinda share this house..."
"Oh, please go ahead!" The woman gasped. "Don't let us get you in trouble." Train nodded, and picked up the phone, dialing Sven's number.
"Hello?" Came the reply.
"Sven, you idiot! Where are you?" Train snapped. There was a pause at the other end of the phone. Train made out some words like "He found out".
"Anyways," Train continued, "Can you hurry back? There's some injured people here." Then he gave them the thirty seconds version on what happened.
"We'll be right back," Sven reported. Then he hung up. Train turned his attention back to the couple.
"Sorry, but I don't actually have any experience on first aid," he apologized. "But one of my friends do, and they'll be coming back soon. Meanwhile..." He pulled out two spare towels and blankets from the shelves. "You can warm yourselves with these."
"Thank you," The woman said gratefully, carefully wrapping them around her husband.
"Th-th-ank y-you..." The husband's teeth were chattering.
"Don't mention it," Train assured them. "Why were you on the mountains anyway?"
"H-h-herbs..." The man chattered.
"We work for the herb shop," The woman explained.
"Oh! I see... well, I'll better go make some drinks now. Coffee or tea?"
"Tea for me, please," The woman said.
"Coffee?" Train guessed. The man nodded. "Got it."
As he began making the drinks, he though to himself - 'That's weird. Why do I feel like I've seen them before?'
And, for some reason, a random memory of his childhood - he couldn't remember much - floated into his mind. It was one of his mother hugging him. He couldn't see her face, but he did smell something like... herbs?
10/4/2012 c1 20Fire Red Fox Queen
Okay, what first? How about Train's on a sweeper assignment in the town where his parents currently live, and it's a long and dangerous one, so he's there for a while. That can kind of be a short intro. Then later on after the intro a bit, you can have Train's parents attacked by his target. Train (he got separated from Sven and Eve) manages to save them, which makes them feel obligated to thank him. So, they invite him over for dinner and there's just something so familiar about him... But they don't make the connection yet. Train leaves their house, completely unaware that he just a dinner with his parents. He goes back to his safehouse, where Sven and Eve are waiting impatiently for him to return. Oh, and I didn't mention this earlier, but when Train's parent's get attacked, the target gets away, so he still has to stick around the city. Later that night, Train's mom finds an old picture of her and her husband standing in a family photo. Sitting on green spring grass is her son, who cute and childish and laughing at that moment captured in the picture. She thinks back on how they just left Train behind, but was he really dead? She isn't sure, and she asks her husband what he thinks. He tells her that there was nothing that they could've done to save Train, and that by the time that they had woken up in the hospital, Train must've died. For some reason, the stranger sweeper she just met flashed across her mind and she thinks of how similar that he is to her son. And then she thinks about how close her son's age would be to the sweeper's. She begins to suspect, but still doesn't quite make the connection. And what if the target knew about Train's past? A former member of Chronos, just like him. The target doesn't have anything particularly against Train. In fact, he admired Train in his assassin days. He also knows about Train's tragic past and who his parents were. (He was a former information gatherer for Chronos.) But there was someone else in the shadows who was causing the real harm (the target Train was chasing was framed) and when Train is attacked by this mysterious person and is severely injured, the former Chronos member helps Sven and Eve take Train to his parents' house. Once there, Train is taken care of, but he seems to have nightmares. Ones of memories. When Train's mom asks about them, the whole truth comes out, thanks to the info gatherer from Chronos. At first, his parents were horrified by what he did. Then they felt so guilty because it was their fault for leaving him like they did. They felt guilty for ever feeling like they had hardships to endure when their son had to endure situations they couldn't even imagine. It's a long time before Train wakes up, and everyone gets really worried. But he does eventually, and he's told that his parents weren't really dead. When Train finds out, he isn't sure how to react because he's mad that they abandoned them, yet he didn't really feel much of anything towards them because they were never really a part of his life. Sven and Eve and even the Numbers were his family. He stalks out of the house and no one sees him for a few weeks. It turns out that he was out hunting down whoever attacked him on his own, which was really dangerous and reckless. He manages to back the person into a corner of an alleyway one night. Suddenly, he's almost killed by a knife attack that his prey uses in a desperate attempt to escape. Train wasn't expecting it, and it would've killed him if his mom hadn't shot the mysterious person. (She came with Sven, who used his Vision Eye to see where Train was and what was about to happen.) She give him a shaky smile and tells him that he's not the only one who learned how to shoot a gun over the years, but then she breaks down because this is the first time she's ever killed a person. Train has a whole new respect for her, and he reconsiders staying with his parents. But in the end, Train still leaves with Sven and Eve. It would be too weird to try and live with his parents now after not even knowing they were alive for some many years. They are sad, but respect his decision. They part almost as how they met, mere acquaintances.

Sorry if I made no sense whatsoever. Some parts I over-simplified, others I described in detail, and it's a mess. And if you didn't catch it before, the target that Train is chasing originally is different from the one in the shadows doing the actual crimes. The first one is merely framed. His main role is to connect Train to his parents. The person killed at the end was the one doing the crimes. If you need me to explain better, just let me know and I'll try my best.

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