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4/10/2021 c5 3Diana9922
Well I can't wait to read more.
Regarding Azula and Sokka I can't wait for them to have children together.
When is the next step?
7/17/2019 c1 ccarter11
holy shit! I've been trying to find this book again for years and I'm so happy I found it!
12/10/2013 c5 48Soulhope The Wolf
nice chapters it seems the only ones not corrupted by power are Sokka and azula.
10/11/2013 c5 grayjeep
Pretty good. It's just hard to see Aang as a ruthless killer though.
10/10/2013 c4 grayjeep
Good chapter. I wonder if zuko knows who wang fire really is.
10/10/2013 c3 grayjeep
I liked this chapter. Sorry I have never reviewed before. I have read the other story's with sokka and azula you wrote. This story is way out there with Aang and toph just killing people but why not. I will review as long as you don't stop writing.
12/28/2012 c2 kyarus
good to read dark fic once in awhile . Maybe more lemon , graphically . Waiting for the next chapter

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