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9/11/2016 c1 Someone
Oh dear, this has to be one of the sweetest things I ever read, and a very very good idea to make the both of them twins :)) Would be pretty interesting to read some fanfic about IMF operating in England and joining up with Nicholas and Danny by coincidence or something like that ;). Anyway, this is definitely one fanfic I really enjoy reading every now and then, so thanks so much for publicising it :))
6/14/2014 c1 RedMoscowRave
Benji: I tried to keep telling myself thatwhat I didwasfor the greater good.

Nicholas:I know Benji. It'll get better with time. But ittl never go away. And Benji?

Benji: *looks up from pint* yeah?

Nicholas: Please, dont say that.


Nicholas:*shuts his eyes* For tye greater good.
10/7/2012 c1 2DeweyDrops
That was so lovely! And the last line broke my heart.
10/7/2012 c1 PeggsterLover
Oh my goodness this was perfect. That last paragraph too... I can't... You never fail to amaze me. This is brilliant!
10/7/2012 c1 19I Know Love Hurts 2010
AWWWW! That was so freaking adorable! Such a great idea! I salute your genius once again, my friend ;)
10/7/2012 c1 14SGreenD
Awwwwwwww :) You know what, I could see it all in my mind. I could even HEAR them talking. I guess that's what it's like when you know Simon's voice like it's your own... and it's awesome as well because Nick Angel and Benji (at least Benji from M:I 4) look exactly alike, but are still SO different, in their mannerisms, their speech and facial expressions, you can always tell who's who, or at least I could in my mind. To make them twins, like completely different people, but still the same, that was a nice idea. I liked it a LOT. Wouldn't mind to read something about that idea that's longer than a one-shot, too... :)

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