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for Shadow of Kurabridged

3/16/2014 c2 DarkInsanitySoul
Wait, u updated?... Anyways, loved this chapter!
12/31/2013 c2 23cactuar-sauce
HAHAHAHA! Oh my god, the references in this chapter! I can't stop laughing! I totally lost it at Kaito attempting to be a Super Saiyan!
12/31/2013 c1 2294fireking
When you said abridged on the top of the page does that mean it's shortened? This did sound like something out of a abridged series-just kidding. You did a good job. Black Mist looked a big eager X). Can I ask you a question?
2/18/2013 c1 Wetland king
Abswoulootely hiwarius
10/9/2012 c1 9Knight Of Balance
Y-you going to k-k-ill me with this fic, p-plus is bla-black mist TFS Zarbon or something. I-I know Kuari is P-Paradox.
10/8/2012 c1 19burneraccount39
Ha! Who sent Kurai, no, Kurwai the letter?! That was hilarious! Everything was hilarious!
10/8/2012 c1 23cactuar-sauce
Oh my gosh, I LOVE THIS! Fantastic! I totally like Kurai's Elmer Fudd-like speech! I lost it when I first saw him talk! And DarkKeyshipping? Can't wait to see more!

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