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for The Unsuspecting side of the Force

4/2 c13 6eos9
I really appreciate this method you've created for dealing with different POVs. It provides useful info, whilst keeping the pacing and style of your main story pristine. I think the only constructive thing I can think to add would be if you had an AN at the bottom of each chapter in Havoc to point to the correlating chapter here.

I've really enjoyed both offerings. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
3/17 c1 Jo Cook
2/25 c13 1Mirabitur
love this! can't wait for more!
11/28/2021 c1 3Ryan Chessman aka Crys
No matter how many times I read these two stories, I'm repeatedly hi GB ly entertained. Harry and HK interaction as well as exploring some of the side characters and groups.

Thank you for sharing these stories with us, and I hope they are going to be continued.
9/19/2021 c13 libraryrockerr
Anakin to Harry: You should stick to the plan. *both burst out laughing*

Darth Siduous: Harry is planning all of this! Why is everyone laughing?

8/19/2021 c9 Guest
It's a trap!
8/8/2021 c13 AgentKalGibbs
i absolutely love the alternate POV for these scenes! Utterly brilliant!
8/5/2021 c1 AgentKalGibbs
I knew Bellicent wasn't gone for good... she came through too, didn't she?
7/27/2021 c13 Sterling-Ag
great story. I really like your characterizations. I hope you pick up writing again someday.
7/24/2021 c12 purrfus
Fascinating. Explains so much.
7/24/2021 c11 purrfus
Sometimes pain and anger - in the appropriately deserving individual - is delicious!
7/24/2021 c10 purrfus
The reactions and assumptions of individuals based on their personal and culture are fascinating. Very well written.
2/14/2021 c13 Caver Floyd
Good side story. Anakin’s personality in this story is the best I’ve ever seen. Such that he deserves Yoda’s statement about the wisdom of a child.
2/10/2021 c13 karmakrosvik1
Pls. Continue the story. I love it
1/15/2021 c13 1Dr Gero
This was a great companion story! I do wish we saw some events from the perspective of the average person and holonet news about Harry or the events around him, but otherwise seeing how events are unfolding outside his perspective was very entertaining. Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this world!
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