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10/24/2014 c6 surbhi
It just keeps getting better and better!
9/2/2014 c6 27kirune12
*keeps praying* itcannotbeichigosbaby! IT CAN'T!

*throws herself around you legs and weeps* PLEEEASE! I BEG YOU!

I actually thought about abandoning this story when it came to the pregnancy part... I was honestly grossed outta my guts... but now it's getting clearer and clearer that it's not Ichigo's /YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO MEEEH!/ And now I'm curious about the outcome. Rukia's lil' hunting is fun *w*
9/2/2014 c6 Guest
Well I think it is obvious that if Ichigo divorces Inoue that she'll be just fine. Obviously Kien isn't as great as Rukia thiinks he is. He cheated and is lying to his friend so Inoue can keep cheating on Ichigo. I guess he's right it is Karma. Plus, he already said he had wanted Rukia in college. Kien just beat him to her.
9/1/2014 c1 GlisteningSnow
Omg you're back! Please tell me you'll be updating this story more frequently? Because I've caught myself thinking about it a few times and wondering what if it were finished lol
9/1/2014 c6 Cat Eyes In The Night
Its been a while I still have no idea where this is going its all too vague
9/1/2014 c6 2EmpressMinea
It has been awhile but I'm looking for your updates in your other stories as well:-)
2/21/2014 c5 Guest
2/23/2014 c5 3firearrow13
Wow this is great! I totally knew Orihime and Kaien were having an affair too... Please upload again soon, I really want to read more. :)
9/22/2013 c5 Guest
9/8/2013 c5 4Stacey.and.stars
I'm glad you don't cater to your readers. Thank you!
9/5/2013 c5 12Devil of Solitude
As with the rest of the story this chapter was really good, getting into the meat of things now. Can't wait till the next chapter, this is one intriguing story! :)
9/4/2013 c5 Winter blaze
Spot on but I still wonder who is gonna flip first
9/4/2013 c5 GlisteningSnow
Love your story! Please update soon! I think Orihime is pregnant with KAIENS baby. Because it doesn't seem like Ichigo is having sex with Orihime with Rukia being able to satisfy him... But that's just my prediction! Hope you update soon!
9/4/2013 c5 Cisusi
I think that Orihime and Kaien are both guilty too. I feel that, even though Kaien doesn't want to get *intimate*, they might have once or twice. But maybe, Kaien is innocent, because he is so dead set on Rukia not being a cheater. But Orihime doesn't seem as innocent. She seemed like she craved something more because of her loneliness. So maybe it is just her doing the cheating. Who knows? Nice chapter.
9/4/2013 c5 Guest
i love your story but you have only given us short chapters after a period of time it's not enough for me! anyway thank you for your hard work in this story ,the plot is amazing but please more ichiruki moments! bye!
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