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for How to Kill a Mary-Sue

2/7/2019 c1 JUST4THELOLZ
The following is how every character I like would kill a mary sue.

How would Sonic make a Mary sue fall? How bout a green Hill zone keelhaul. (Sonic the hedgehog)
Ivan Braginsky, can you make her blood rain? да,let's skewer her on a metal pipe of pain. (Russia from hetalia)
Dear doctor, this bitch deserves no second chance, a trip to a black hole would make her do a break dance! (10th doctor who)
Hatsune-chan raise your voice and kick her ass, deafen her then slit her throat with the broken glass. (Hatsune Miku)
the last man alive after the Martian's attack, zap her with a heat ray till she's burned up black. (Narrator from war of the worlds)
How'd she meet her end against the boy with a scar, hex her into a roach then crush her, aux revoir! (Harry Potter)
She's made the world's greatest youtuber's blacklist, he'll stamp her right into the curb with a brofist. (PewDiePie)
This one's a gentleman but she won't be his bride, melt her with some chemicals, do you like his dark side? (Dr. Jekyll)
What would Mr. Gadget do to kill a sue? Grind her up with gears and wires, that'll give her a clue. (Inspector Gadget)
How could she fare against the clown Prince of crime, have Harley petrify her and pose her like a mime. (Joker and Harley too I guess)
The Merc with a mouth will slaughter this sodomite, riddled with bullets, she won't be touching herself tonight. (Deadpool)
The patriarch of Addams shall make her scream and squeal, he'll stick her full of knives on his wife's torture wheel. (Gomez Addams and maybe Morticia could throw knives with him)
A freaky barber wants to end this slut so high and haughty, he'll scalp her alive, now that would be quite naughty! (Freaky Fred)
Everypony! smile Mary won't have time to run, isn't this one obvious, cupcakes anyone? (Pinkie Pie)
The Candyman can! mary sue will not survive, forcefeed her some blueberries and eat her alive! (Willy Wonka)

These are some ways these characters would kill this "perfect" dear femme.
And if you have some others, well then I would love to hear 'em.
4/8/2014 c1 14LunaNotLoony
LOL! Hey, I know Mibamonster- I mean, I've read all her fics, that is- too! This poem really funny, though, and spot on, exactly what your should do to Mary Sues!
6/4/2013 c1 Guest
I love it! I mean, honestly, I think we all secretly want to kill a mary-sue somewhere. Nobody likes a Little Miss Sparkles Shiny Rainbows Cupcakes Flowers, right?
1/3/2013 c1 1FoxOtaku
Haha, nice poem xD

How did you do in that test?
11/20/2012 c1 Guest
This is perfect. Cx
10/17/2012 c1 15Aureux
How I kill a Mary-sue?
That is nothing new.
Send her to the sun,
Stab her for fun.
Pins in the doll,
Let's have a ball.
Burn and slash,
How about a car crash?
They won't have their rue,
Because I will use voodoo.

And that is my response to your, HOW TO KILL A MARY-SUE. Sorry for the poem in response to a poem, but this was all I could think of. Either-way I hope you understand, this is not copying, this is flattery. And you just moved to the top of my ALL-TIME-FAVORITE people. SO... KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! AND I WILL WATCH YOU!

...and that just sounded stalkerish... please disregard any weirdness... but I am just a strange person... Still, I love your work! This is epic!

And now you have seen my odd reply and my normal person one. I hope you like both (though I personally prefer the odd one). See you around!
10/14/2012 c1 10sadielizyy
this, my friend, just made my day XD i really have a strong dislike for mary-sue's (or at least what i perceive them to be) well, mostly because they have a way of crushing the other characters and making them seem insignificant...which bothers me
10/10/2012 c1 3TheImpossiblePen
Funny! Lolz over this one. Thumbs up!

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