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5/19 c32 112Scififan33
Love it
4/13 c32 19Belladonna Hikari Rosezeria
love this never read the series but love this fanfic really want to read more.
3/21 c32 5Dark Neko 7000
What will happen next time
2/18 c1 Eragon135790
intresting so far, dont think i ever read the dark hunter series but what i found from a cursory glance and what i have read in this ff so far makes this ff promising.
1/28 c32 Charlie0925
Awesome writing here honey! I am truly LOVING THIS AMAZING FIC and cannot wait to read more! ;o)

Regarding ideas, I for one vote that Harry grabs Artemis & Apollo and drops them off in Apollymi's domain so that they face her constant wrath. Also love the idea of a side dimension so that Ash can see and spend time with his Mum.
1/14 c32 ChaoticInscriber
I vote for Harry delivering the Vile Twins to Apollymi! As much as they both want to kill the pair, Ash was right in thinking that she would have far greater and vaster ideas for how to properly make them suffer for far longer. They can always "tune in" to their new favorite "show" when she feels like showing off for them instead of normal talking for a bit.
And it's always nice to give your loving mother such delightful presents (read: toys to torture)!

Of course they are going to die, it was only ever a question of when and how, precisely. Now our boys are Quite Motivated to sort out stabilizing the side effects of the removal of the Sun and Moon deities, so it probably won't be even a week before they Do Something Permanent that leaves the only question of when Apollo and Artemis actually die a matter of either "oops, I slipped" while mid-torture or all three of them getting bored.
Because even if Ash and Harry do quite a bit themselves, they still have the option of Consulting Apollymi for ideas/advice and letting her watch through the mirror, no? And so if they get bored or tired of it, they can drop the remains off for her to take a turn being Hands On for a while - she would certainly volunteer for such a task whenever her boys realize they actually have Other Things To Do that may interrupt.
I still vote for "gifting" the pair to her fairly quickly, though, once the Deity-Reality-Stability thing is Handled. Ash and Harry have Better Things To Do, despite their many grievances, and their loving mother would be delighted to help them out - she likely gets quite bored in her "retirement", anyway~!

(Even if killing off this particular lot doesn't break the Curse that keeps mother and son apart, I really can't see Harry never managing to find a solution. It might take a while, gotta be cautious given the stakes and all, but definitely something he'd work on solving somehow.)
1/2 c32 Jad317
hope to read more chapters
12/30/2021 c31 4Tempest S
Surely there are other gods or goddesses of the sun and moon, from different pantheons. I mean, according to , Sin was a Sumerian god who ruled the moon. Artemis stole his powers but Kat gave them back so he should be a moon god again so why is Artemis so important that other moon gods don't matter? Aphrodite was able to join the Sumerian pantheon after Ishtar died so they can obviously cross pantheons. You could just transfer Artemis' power to Sin. Kat can take Apollo's place then. She has a tattoo of a sun and one site claimed she had powers of the sun and moon.

Or Luna can take Artemis' place. She likes animals and she's named for the moon. She does kinda hunt for animals, just not to kill them. And as far as this story has mentioned, she isn't married so she doesn't have to worry about outliving a husband (or wife) and children.
12/30/2021 c32 1mayawene
thank you
12/28/2021 c32 23Yankeegomera
Love to see this story again.!
12/28/2021 c32 LadyPhoenix731
It's been so long since I read the Dark Hunter series, but maybe Sunshine and Talon?
12/28/2021 c32 lala
Yes !
12/27/2021 c32 Miranda Gryffindor
Yay attention to this fic
12/27/2021 c32 mizzrazz72
Harry will have to find someone to take their places.
12/27/2021 c32 Aria Dragoncrest
Brilliant chapter!
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