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1/3/2013 c1 11ZenyZootSuit
*Cries* That was beautiful! One of the best I've ever read and undoubtedly ever will read! Adorable! The writers of Thor should've used this. OMG I can't wait for the next Thor...Loki's in it! Great job!
10/13/2012 c1 6LeArtemis 1234
Sweet really sweet. It made me cry. So can you write a chapter in which Thor and Loki go to see Jane.

From your new adoring fan
10/12/2012 c1 76lycanus1
In a word: stunning.
Have read this a couple of times now & it still gets me as it's so very moving. There's just something about our Loki when he's full of despair & pain that you can't help but love. You did such a great job here as Loki's suffering was truly heartbreaking to read.

So glad I found this fic, 'cause I absolutely loved it.
10/11/2012 c1 13Show-ki
Goodness gracious, that was utterly beautiful. This is one of the best written so far- it takes quite a bit to move me to tears, and this one did just that. Lovely job, dearie.

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