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10/13/2015 c1 Elise
9/30/2015 c1 1CosmicBeing
It'd be better if you weren't sucking off Kishimoto, jackass.
1/29/2014 c1 goldenlucario1
Holy f*cking wonderbars! Did you make those angel creatures feeding on time-space chakra up? If so, then you mister did an awesomely awesome job! You see, I unfortunately never have seen Doctor who before so I consider them eventually being part of the show so...I hae reading FFs about fandoms I don't know but since I love Konan I couldn't simly let this pass with that interesting summary ;-; I hope you continue this, it has good suspense! And you wrote everything fluently and nicely. I got scared when you mentioned Konan's weeping angel statue for when you read such things in the night it tends to scare you :o Please, please continue this cliffhanger. If you need support with ideas or anything, I'd be glad to help :) just so you know I care about this story...by the way, Konan needs more FFs
6/12/2013 c1 2Crestentione
Oops bye-bye Kakashi. lol I really liked this story!
4/4/2013 c1 mavic chen
The Weeping Angels send you back by decades. You can't choose your destination.
3/16/2013 c1 8Quathis
Whoa, that got intense. Really nice job blending the two and making a death sentence into a chance to change history... if the whole of reality lets him. Enjoyed reading this. Until next time.
3/6/2013 c1 18outloux
a little creepy. but overall, really well written, and sent a chill down my spine.


2/25/2013 c1 20superhappy
my two fandoms. mixed into one glourious fanfiction.
i'm so glad i ditched my homework to read this. -showers you with praise-
1/26/2013 c1 borusa
The Weeping Angels kill you by sending you back not to the recent past, but by decades.
1/26/2013 c1 gandalf
The Weeping Angels are statues of Angels, not likenesses of real people. True, we were told that any statue anywhere could be one of them, but not the Angels themselves, if you know what I mean.
11/16/2012 c1 5Amyethious
please continue.
11/10/2012 c1 23Biigoh
An interesting cross... I will have to wait and see where you go with it.
11/9/2012 c1 2Razorsmile
... whoa. That is *brilliant*.
10/25/2012 c1 3ParadiseRegained
10/19/2012 c1 64ivyspinners
Naruto-Doctor Who cross-over? With Kakashi/Rin AFTER the 604 reveal? And background Konan/Pain and konan/Yahiko? I LOVED IT.
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