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10/19/2012 c3 8xtr75
They still have a lot to talk about, but it's a start and I'm glad Charlie's so insistant on not letting Brax get away with it
10/16/2012 c2 xtr75
Well, my hope that Joey didn't get hurt didn't last long with Brax just showing what a creep he is by hitting one woman and bullying another.

Joey wasn't a lack of judgement, he was and if he actually cared for Charlie, he wouldn't want her to leave everything she loved and he sure as hell wouldn't threaten her.

Joey should have him charged with assault.
10/16/2012 c1 xtr75
Glad Charlie was the one to make the first step but I hope it's not a reaction to the decision she has to make - leave the force or Brax.

Kind of hope Brax does something dumb just to remind Charlie of who he really is, I just hope Joey doesn't get hurt by either of them.
10/14/2012 c1 DV8ByDesign
Loving it so far! It is something I ALWAYS wished that H&A had done when Charlie Buckton was alive on that show! Charlie NEEDS (beyond desperately) someone in her life with their head on straight! By that I mean ALL the encouragement Charlie got from Ruby & Leah about Brax was such bogus bull hockey! I never got (besides the naughty running around behind everyone's backs part) what was so "great" about Brax! NEVER bought it! Because Charlie is a cop through & through! It is basically her life PERIOD! It is literally in her blood, it is the ONLY thing she has ever wanted to be and she has a VERY DEFINED & NARROW view of what is right & what is wrong and no offense BUT Brax is way WRONG! For Charlie or any other sane woman out there! He (in my humble opinion) is a BULLY (Maybe his new nickname from me since I HATE typing Brax all the time . . . So Bully it is!) Plain & clear he is a Bully! He gets his way NO MATTER what or who gets in his way . . . He does NOT compromise at all, he never has and never will! The character of Charlie went from this gorgeous strong woman to a sniveling compromised door mat ; it started with Arsehole Rosetta and got progressivly worse when she started running around with the Bully! She was no longer the gorgeous strong women but a total shell of a woman who used to know what is right & what is wrong and what Charlie Buckton wanted in life; okay it turned out to be a woman that stole her heart but besides that what she had become was so far from okay - Not funny! She instead became a robot that was told by a criminal Bully what to do and what to think!

Sorry sometimes I get a "little" off subject sometimes! Just because Charlie ended up being told what to do by a moronic criminal Bully and so far away from the woman she used to be! H&A had such a problem writing strong women it is not funny! Especially after I read an interview in UK publication that Esther herself wanted to go back to the bisexual side of Charlie I was so hoping that they were going to bring back Joey or even another woman as a love interest for Charlie Buckton so she could right her wrongs and get back to being who (to me anyway) she was always supposed to be; the strong woman who knew what she wanted and was not afraid any more of going for it! But instead we got the Bully and all his crap & crime! I was so turned off and only came back for her death which by then I considered a blessing because it would FREE Esther to move on & go do some good stuff rather than H&A crap where she could really show her acting chops and what she can do!

So, really curious as to how this story will go . . . Because as both of the characters have said and the Bully has hinted so far is that he does NOT want to give up Charlie Buckton especially now that she is his willing slave (so to speak!) plus her being gorgeous & in to him also feed the Bully's inflamed ego of himself so he is NOT going to willingly give up on Charlie even though she (hopefully and truly) will tell him that she is not in love with him but rather someone else who just happens to be a woman! Because we all know that men like him (muscled testosterone jerks like him always think it is about a certain appendage they have and that women like Charlie will miss it not even thinking that there is much more than that to two women being together!) That it has absolutely nothing to do with that appendage and is a much deeper emotional connection that in fact if that certain appendage is missed there is always something else that can be used! But men like him are so full of their self importance and think that there is ONLY one way and act like idiots about it!

Here is hoping that Charlie can be strong and realize that Joey is the way to go to make her whole again and a total women instead of what she has let herself become! That with Joey's guidance and help she can get back to where she was or even better! Fingers crossed that happens!
By the way to not forget about the always wonderful Joey Collins . . . Love her new strength and yet her new softness at the same time! She is showing Charlie the way and not leaving any doubt about the fact she is in love with Charlie but also showing her she was not going to play games or be weak when it comes to her feelings and about Bully! Sort of tough love with a new bit of softness added! I mean she has every right to be beyond pissed at Charlie and about what Charlie did to her but instead she went the kindness and softness route but also left no doubt about the rules and the main one is getting rid of the Bully before they can even start anything! So enjoying the new & improved Joey!

The last sentence show the Bully's ignorance of the whole thing . . . Instead of it being and concentrating on himself & Charlie he drags in Joey Collins and she becomes his focus instead of Charlie . . . If there is any way to piss Charlie off is to hurt or go after Joey! Plus in all honesty if Charlie really does LOVE Joey (we all know she does!) the only way the Bully can help is by actually going after Joey . . . So in fact he is going to really help Charlie make up her mind because the one thing Charlie can't stand is anyone (even herself) hurting Joey Collins; she feels bad enough about hurting her the way she did in the past that she is going to make extra sure that she does not do anything to hurt her now and the Bully going after Joey is one way to hurt her and that will NOT stand with Charlie this time around! This is the Bully thinking with his little head instead of the big one because he would realize it if he was actually thinking with his big head and that he should concentrate on keeping Charlie instead of hurting or whatever he is planning to do to Joey Collins - That is the fasted way to turn Charlie against him period! Why is it men with muscles tend to use their little head instead of the actual brain they were given? I mean the Bully is always telling everyone how he thinks things through and is a planner yet right here not so much in fact not even at all! So, on top of everything else (criminal, moronic, idiotic and Bully he is also a liar . . . Like that comes as a surprise because if the Bully is talking more than likely he is also lying at the same time! The man would not know the truth if it bit him in his arse and would probably kill it rather than recognize the truth! The Bully uses his muscles much more than his big brain and therefore is beatable! He is also quite good at pulling the wool over other peoples eyes (especially Charlie at this time!) He is able to make people think he has changed when in fact he has just gotten even more devious about things! So he is a tricky slick piece of garbage criminal! Here's to Charlie & Joey and may they beat the Bully!

Thanks for posting your story!

Love & peace . . . .

DV8 ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

PS. Here's hoping that Charlie & Joey can expose the Bully for what he well and truly is and once and for all get rid of the garbage in Summer Bay and everyone will be way safer although it is Summer Bay . . . I am sure that another piece of garbage and criminal will pop up very soon after they get rid of the Bully garbage but hey they gotta do it! ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) Since we all know that Summer Bay is a criminal hot bed and most of the men are good for nothing pieces of garbage! I mean what are the odds that Charlie would date how many men that actually murdered someone . . . That would be 4 out of 4! (I am so sure that the Bully has done his fair share of murders . . . Since the Bully tends to use his muscles instead of his brains! Plus knows how to get guns . . . There is just so much that H&A has been unwilling to tell about how bad he really is that always makes me way more suspicious than if they told us everything about him! I mean even if he did not murder someone with his own hands I am sure that the drugs he pushes & distributes has a death or 20 associated with them and that makes him just as culpable in the death! PERIOD! Sorry but the drug trade is NOT a gentle business even if no one has directly died from the drugs he pushes . . . I am sure that there are rival drug dealers no longer around this Earth and I am beyond sure that the Bully is involved! Drug dealing is a business that is surrounded by death there is so much money involved that death has to be there too! The two tend to go hand in hand . . . Drugs & death always together! Sorry I have been watching "The Wire" a fantastic look into cops & drug dealers but also a look how it impacts the lives of ANYONE even if they have nothing to do with drugs; how it filters down to schools, politics, business and things in our life we would have never thought of! A super wonderful series that was way ahead of its time! Plus it has some great lesbian and gay characters on BOTH sides of the law another reason it was way ahead of its time too! Anyway my commercial is done! Sorry! But it is well worth a rent all seasons or I own the whole series!
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