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for Behind Her Closed Door

9/10/2017 c1 2flowershop-girl
Wow! I love this story it's so good! The plot teh writting! Captivating! Please please please update!
2/22/2017 c6 weepingbirch
I really enjoy your story. I hope someday you're able to continue.
10/8/2015 c6 Hope6968
Awesome story, very enjoyable. Hopefully more will be forthcoming. Thank you, Hope.
1/18/2015 c6 3jadethetroll
Please Continue!
10/14/2014 c6 1Bookwormkat1
Excellently faithful to the book (and not the film) except for one bit where "The Chosen One" is mentioned, which doesn't occur until fifth year :) keep going, this is wonderful.
9/30/2014 c6 assiralcclaire
Love this so much
Can't wait for an update
8/28/2014 c6 Duskfalls
This backstory is really interesting! Seeing how Hermione's nobility and her unique tie to Malfoy/Blaise can't wait to see her classroom interactions with Minerva please update soon!
8/25/2014 c6 5Delilah Moon
I do so hope you update this again soon! I've had to re-read everything to remember...But not that I"m caught up I can't wait for more! Please have more again soon!
8/25/2014 c6 jupitersthunder
8/24/2014 c6 TJK78
Great chapter. Looking forward to the next.
8/24/2014 c6 rookie802
Good chapter!
8/24/2014 c6 4blackgrl71
Don't know where you're going with this (other than the awesome pairing), but you've definitely set up an intriguing beginning
8/24/2014 c6 2Avermore
It's starting to get interesting ... Please continue.
8/24/2014 c6 cree011
Love this story so far, cant wait for the next chapter! :-) x
8/24/2014 c6 Leti2a
So good as always!
Please continue!
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