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8/12/2013 c5 2AccelGo
i'm trying to bash on you or anything, but Jin wanted her to sound the way she did. he wanted something unique. besides, bad tuning is ACTUALLY when the voice wavers in volume. The way Jin tuned her is fine to me. I think he wanted to make her sound raspy.
as for the high pitched part, well, its the song. if the vocals went lower, the flow of everything would be ruined.

all of us are trying to make ourselves a place in this world and i think you should appeciate the effort thats hes making, rather than how things came out. you cant build a complicated device without making something horrible first, can you? you have to learn. and He's learning.

i personally like his songs, stories, and tuning, but im not forcing you to like them as well. just letting you think about that.

thanks for reading, have a nice day u
5/29/2013 c5 Anon
Really? I agree the tuning's off a mile, but I think it kinda works with the craziness of the music, you know? And it shifts the focus more on the music and what it's saying, rather than the Vocaloid, so at least people hate/love the right person when they listen to it.

Oh, but I guess you're right, Vocaloids would probably hate him for that, since they're not getting any attention in Jin's songs and all ;P
12/28/2012 c2 Guest
Mothy 3
The only thing i have to say is that it's a bit confusing... Make the character switches more defined, maybe
11/4/2012 c3 luthor112
Nice and funny fic.
Liked it. :)

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