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for Get Up and Fight the Fight

3/4/2013 c1 JElysha11
So heartwarming and sweet. I love this pairing! Thanks for this story
2/23/2013 c1 16Solareon
Cool stroy bro.

Lol playing, but really I enjoyed it. Best part was the make room for it speach. To me, your stoires are canon.
10/19/2012 c1 33Lucifer's Garden
Had to read this again, and of course leave a comment about how brilliant and simple and effortless it is. :)
10/14/2012 c1 7cemeterydreamer
YES. This is *beyond* perfect - very in character for what we know about them at the time, with the perfect mix of camaraderie and understanding and little perceptions. Also, I squeed so hard at the "You need to figure out how to make room for it" reference - love how you tied that in!

You know this is now my headcanon forever; thank you for writing this Darling! D
10/13/2012 c1 6MarionArnold
I *like* that! Hints of Daryl's past life and how he deals with it - so Daryl. Sweet that she can sleep knowing he's not watching.

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