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10/17/2015 c1 Apollo Jones
That really cool, I typically don't read poems like that, but that was really good. Great job
2/28/2014 c1 Guest
really good
7/19/2013 c1 4Titania Faith
xD I absolutely loved this poem. The idea of a dark Stiles doesn't really appeal to me, but the potential - and the poem/idea is really interesting and epic.
6/22/2013 c1 martyrinthemaking
SO COOL! XD I really enjoyed reading this, you're awesome! :)
5/13/2013 c1 25Windy Rein
Oh my god! The awesomeness! (and serious kudos to you for managing a well-flowing rhyming poem (can you tell I have issues with them? :D)

It's so calm and there's all this potential just calmly waiting underneath the surface and just so beautiful and mesmerizing :) 3
10/27/2012 c1 2pink chayito
usualmente no leo poesía ni canciones en los fanfics, pero me gusto la tuya
10/15/2012 c1 ANON
Good is not enough, it is awesome :)
10/15/2012 c1 331983Sarah
I love the concept of this, the idea that both parties involved know that Stiles could go dark, and the illusion at the end that this won't be the last time he's offered the "gift" by Peter and maybe next time he'll say yes.
10/14/2012 c1 Rose de la Terre
:O I am speechless... I really don't know what to say.
That was amazing.

10/14/2012 c1 7Jai Rose
ohmygosh that was amazing! Your poetry is great! ohmygoshohmygosh I love it! This has given me so many ideas!
10/14/2012 c1 Guest
Dude I like this a lot are you going to do a story on this?


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