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for Some Things Deserve a National Holiday

7/19/2016 c3 4lizb1813
Yay fluff! :-)

However, if you do another holiday story, the staff should invite their families/significant others. I don't really see Charlie not having Nancy along. :-)

All of your stories make me want to go back to NYC. *sigh*
7/17/2015 c3 Camel19
You captured everyone's characters so perfectly in this and I love how well you meshed the humour and the tenderness. Just beautiful!
7/6/2013 c3 9Katycat1970
"For Katy, and also Steph and Millie, who were particularly persistant." - Really? Was I? ha ha!
You promised it would be posted by the 4th July and you did!

Awwww - super lovely Ash... I just melted all the way through this... And we had a dance too... *SIGH*

Lovely ending to one of my all time favourite stories and it was well worth the wait.

Thanks for posting... :)
7/5/2013 c3 37iworkwithpens
So excited to see an update to this story and that you managed to do it on Independence Day here in the States is doubly impressive! Bravo!

Love the drunken gang enjoying their holiday together. "You're still dry and your clothes don't smell of wasted champagne." Nicely played Mackenzie, nicely played! Love that she is Will are still verbally sparring as they're falling back in love.

Thank you so much for the lovely Fourth of July gift!
7/5/2013 c3 13TheGreaterFool
Loved the ending !
7/5/2013 c3 amy0102
AHHHHHH OHHHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOD :) I have been waiting for an update for this story FOREVER! Why? Because it's my absolute favourite piece of fanfic. I can't really tell you why...maybe it is, because there is loads of Will&Mac flirting, teasing each other and simply touching each other (without kissing) and the beautiful description of NY :) Seriously Mac&Will blissfully happy, only waiting to make a move all evening to finally kiss and make-out ... WOW :) seriously I wish you could write another chapter for this one! By the way, what did Will want to to say to Mac before Jim interrupted him to play a duet? Thanks for the playlist :) and is there any way one can bribe you to write another blissful chapter just like this one :D please? Well at least I tried ;)
7/5/2013 c3 7writingalone
Happy 4th of July to all of us. The scenes on top of the boat were pure happy fluff that made my night.

Thank you for updating.

7/5/2013 c3 30teanc09
What a lovely 4th of July present - thanks so much for finishing this one out on such a great note! Great use of the guitars - love it when Will plays but Will and Jim - even better! Kudos!

Great job!
7/4/2013 c3 1millie.zhang
saushalhaiuuieywiuewpuiwpuepwou BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDYYYYYYYYY awesome!

It's so worth the wait!

Everything is perfect!

I love the whole playlist

and their time alone...and the kiss when the fireworks exploded

perfect timing!


such a wonderful 4th of July fic! thank you!
7/4/2013 c3 14lilacmermaid33
I'm glad you decided to finish this one - super cute! Somehow the tone of this whole story, but especially this chapter, makes me think of the party scenes in the movie Chocolat, and for me that's a huge compliment :)

Of course I'm glad that Will and Mac found their way back to each other by the end of this, but they were sort of drifting back together from the beginning anyway. My favourite part, by far, is the idea of that little girl being in love with Will, and him singing to her. There's just something about the idea of him and little kids...

Can't wait to see what you decide to tackle next ... Long Shot, I hope!
6/1/2013 c2 13TheGreaterFool
This is really cute ! I love it
2/4/2013 c1 amy0102
I just re-read this story for the third time and I really love it. I love the light flirting, the whole crew together, the holiday-atmosphere - it's a great story! BUT great stories need great endings so you should get them together, they really deserve it and they are such a great couple :) there's so much potential for a great fluffy ending :) I really hope you find some time to continue this story :)
12/21/2012 c2 145Vickysg1
I've just read the first two chapters of this fic, and so far, I like it. I do hope that you plan on posting more soon.
11/10/2012 c2 Guest
Woooooooohoo this is exactly the fluff and flirting I was looking for right now. God you make it sooooo exciting, please don't let us wait another few weeks for the next chapter, please keep writing pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease :)
11/4/2012 c2 forjustaminute
guess they will kiss soon...*wink wink*
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