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6/26/2016 c1 dreamer 3097
This is good
3/8/2015 c2 609Ghostwriter
I love it. So sweet. Catch ya on the flip side.
3/6/2015 c2 7twlightbella
They send an email to tony and ziva announcing the twins
3/6/2015 c1 twlightbella
Abby and tim are having twins
12/13/2012 c2 3alix33
"Abby and Tim had called their immediate families the night before, and the reactions had been fun. Sarah had played it cool but seemed excited. Penny had shrieked in delight. Luca was thrilled, though it was hard to hear exactly what he was saying above his daughter's cheering about two new baby cousins. Kyle had to compete with a litter of barking foster pups to be heard, but he'd kept repeating, "That is so cool!" - AW!
"Somewhere along the three weeks they'd known, Tim had nicknamed the baby "the hamster," probably because that was what a lot of early ultrasound photos looked like. Overnight, the twins had become Thing One and Thing Two. Abby cheerfully took credit for that one and had already ordered a handful of twin-themed onesies online. She'd had to stay gender-neutral for the time being, but that certainly didn't take the fun out of shopping." - Hehehe.
"Tim waved as he walked around the corner. "Hey." He gave Abby a quick kiss on the cheek, then handed her a small bag. Abby opened it curiously, grinning as she pulled out two pairs of black booties, one knitted to resemble sneakers and the other with a skull on each foot. She giggled. "These are so cute! Where'd you get them?" "There was a little craft stand by the Foggy Bottom Metro when I was on my way back from an interview this morning." Tim smiled. "I knew you'd love them." "They're so adorable!" Abby set them on her workstation next to the ultrasound, then laughed. "Holy crap, those booties are bigger than our babies right now." - AW!
"Abby groaned, smiling as she leaned her face against his chest. "Yeah, and in even less time than that, I'll be big as a whale, and probably crabby about it..." Tim pressed a kiss into her hair. "And I'll still love you." Abby was lost in the moment enough that she didn't pick up on Gibbs' entrance, and they both jumped at the sound of his voice. "All right, you two. You can be married on your own time. I've got enough on my hands with Tony and Ziva making eyes at each other downstairs. You'd think two weeks alone in Paris would have been enough for them." Abby laughed. Gibbs fussed over their public displays of affection, but he never got really bothered unless it interfered with work. Rule Twelve had never been completely abolished, but it had been given an addendum – if you absolutely must break Rule Twelve, keep it out of the office. "Ah, come on, Gibbs, we all need a little snuggling sometimes." - AW!
Cute coffee mug for grandpa Gibbs (I envy those kiddies!)!
"And, Abs?" Abby perked up. "Yeah?" "Once those tykes start crawling, keep them out of the lab." - AW!
"Tony snagged her into a hug as well, then looked down to address her stomach. "Now you behave for your mom, okay? I don't want to hear about any shenanigans until you're at least old enough to have photographic evidence." Tim laughed. "Nice thought, but they can't hear you. They don't have ears yet." Abby grinned, declining to point out that Tim still talked to the babies anyway. It was his prerogative as a dad – and his duty as a teammate to harass Tony." - AW!
12/13/2012 c1 alix33
"Whether it was fate or his mysterious sense of timing, Ducky strolled into the lab as Abby had the machine halfway to her office. He paused, looking amused, and glanced around at the complete lack of evidence piled up on the workstations. "Rearranging a few things, my dear?" Ducky usually called before he came up, but Abby wasn't bothered. She laughed. "No, I'm just...I hadn't used this in awhile, thought I'd run some tests on it. What can I do for you?" Ducky smiled serenely, in that way that made Abby think he knew all the secrets of the universe. "Actually, I was coming to see if I might help you. As you know, there has been a lull in active murder cases lately – always a good thing, but as a result, Autopsy has been a bit..." "Dead?" Abby couldn't resist. Ducky laughed. "You might say so." - Hehehe.
"She pulled her shirt up, assessing her abdomen, not for the first time. She thought she looked bigger, but it was still a bit soon. She wasn't sure if Tim was humoring her when he agreed with her daily assessments." - Hehehe.
"Ducky smiled as he started the scan, his grin getting even bigger as he turned the screen to let Tim and Abby see. There was their baby, still resembling a hamster more than a human, but with a wildly beating heart, a mostly defined brain, and a tiny little leg. It wiggled around and Abby looked up at Tim to find him staring at the screen in awe. He looked down at her, his eyes wide and perhaps tearing a bit. Abby was already misty-eyed. "We made that," Abby whispered, squeezing Tim's hand. Ducky gave them a few more minutes, then moved on, wanting to check the placenta. As a doctor, he was nothing if not thorough, even if it wasn't typical for him to work on the living. He paused after a moment, which concerned Abby, but she relaxed when he smiled again. "Well, hello, there," he murmured. Abby looked as Ducky turned the screen back toward her and Tim, and she giggled, watching the baby squirm and move its tiny forming limbs. It was hard to believe, that little creature, no bigger than her thumb, would be cradled in her arms in a little more than seven months. Then she frowned. "Wait, did you zoom out? I could've sworn he – or she – was bigger a minute ago." "Yes, this one is slightly smaller – no cause for concern, though. Well within normal parameters." Ducky zoomed back the view, looking expectant for their reaction. There were clearly two tiny little squirming creatures, and Abby gasped. "Twins?" Tim looked both shocked and delighted. "Oh, my God." Abby shrieked, her joyful tears finally overflowing. Tim bent down to kiss her cheek, and she pulled him toward her for a real kiss. Ducky turned away to give them privacy, though Abby didn't miss his low chuckle. In the background, Abby heard her computer chirping, and she knew she had to get back to work. She grabbed a tissue to wipe off the ultrasound gel and rearranged her clothes, then hugged Ducky again. "Thank you." "My pleasure." Ducky reached out, taking her hand and Tim's. "As the old Scottish blessing says, may health, honesty, and happiness be your gifts." Tim stepped forward, hugging Ducky as well. "Thanks." He kissed Abby on the forehead, then hugged her tightly. "Things are about to get wild, huh?" - Yay! Though, two little Abbys, or even two little Tims? The rest of Team Gibbs will go batshit crazy either way!
12/7/2012 c2 18AnimeKeepsMeSane
Everything I needed from a McAbby baby fic!
11/27/2012 c2 13Sitting Ducki
Awwwww this was so cute. From the way they told Gibbs, the booties and especially the way they told Tony and Ziva.
10/23/2012 c1 Guest
*Squeeee* I'm as excited as if it were "really" happening! (Although Tim and Abby were married in "Life Before His Eyes", they didn't have a baby, did they?) I wanna see Baby McAbby! :-) Going to your profile right now!
10/18/2012 c2 Dina C
This was super sweet. The saying on the mug and Gibbs' reaction made me tear up. :-) I SO want this kind of scene to happen on the actual show someday. :-) Thanks for sharing your talent with us readers.
10/18/2012 c2 2victoriantealady
But what a way to get cavities!
10/18/2012 c2 3BowTies13
10/17/2012 c2 Frogs
Yup, I think I feel those cavities too. This was so sweet! love it!
10/17/2012 c2 TheDuchessTab
what a great story! I would love to see how Tim handles Abby's pregnancy and the delivery!
10/16/2012 c2 3KrisShannon
Simply LOVED this one! Sweet little story! Everyone's reactions were great. I loved the mug Abby gave Gibbs, 'The best fathers get promoted to Grandpa', how perfect! Love the Gibbs family!
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