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7/24/2016 c9 1DreamzGal
Please Update Next Chapter Yaar Please
5/23/2016 c9 ILOVEYOUCLACE
OMG You HAVE to continue this story and update! I NEED to know more!
4/13/2015 c9 2Oliviabensonlovesvu
Plz update I love jemily together Jayden tell Rosemary and Rosemary tell she do it to go save Emily
1/26/2014 c9 21Psycho Tangerine
This is a good story, especially the last few chapters. Jayden has to find a way to save Emily without sacrificing his cousin. I did think that Emily was being self-centered and ridiculous. Rosemary had just lost her mother and all Emily cared about was if Jayden would pay enough attention to her. I am glad she made up for it by saving Rosemary.
7/28/2013 c9 jemily fan
Plzz continue. U could do this that rosemary tells jayden 2 sacrifice herself buh jayden refuses because he knows Emily will never agree to it and Rose then feels dat how much she means 2 jayden and all. X brings Emily out to show Jayden n make him suffer. Rose comes 2 sacrifice herself n X leaves emily n when X is about 2 strike Rose,jayden comes in between n does the sealing symbol. Sealing X n jayden nearly dying making rose cry...
6/11/2013 c9 land of imaginary wolves
5/15/2013 c9 3WinglessQuill
1/23/2013 c9 izzyp120
Plz keep goin I know how it feels to have all this stuff on ur plate I hope u can keep updating
1/23/2013 c5 izzyp120
O..M..G I luv this chapter
12/12/2012 c9 Guest
it's a really gud story... m soooooooooooooo excited to knw jayden's decision... plz update Sun...
11/25/2012 c9 1lollovable
I love this story. I can't wait to read about what Jayden does. XD
11/11/2012 c9 7DrieSummersDaughterOfApollo
Hmm, Jayden isn't actually going to choose either is he? Good plot!
11/4/2012 c9 Lilydipper
It's ok don't beat yourself up and do what you can. Trust me I am like that too. I haven't updated my story since... February! Wow I am bad. :)
Anyway love it and would love a update!
11/4/2012 c9 9aholebullsheet
Fuck! What will Jayden do now?
11/4/2012 c9 RRHSram11
Wow that was cool. Xandred is going to pay fpr hirting Emily. Jayden will get Eily and no one else will get hurt or sacrificed. JAYDEN LOVES EMILY AND EMILY LOVES JAYDEN! JEMILY TOGETHER JEMILY FOREVER! Please post the next chap soon and with lots more Jemily love. KEEP GOING. JEMILY FAN FOREVER!
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