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9/25 c179 65notwritten
Good chapter.. Keep smiling.:-)
9/22 c179 Aceofthefool13
love this story so amazing! Can't wait to see what's to come.
9/20 c179 andre-papushi
Thank you! I was really looking forward to the new chapter.
9/20 c179 7Slayer76
Okay, a little disappointed that this wasn’t a regeneration, but that epic power clash totally makes up for it. She became an anime character for a minute and now I can’t stop laughing.
9/20 c179 biancarhodes53
This episode always makes me cry.
I kinda forget how poweful Kari is, it’s always cool to see her use it.
9/19 c178 Slayer76
Finally caught up and now I’m stuck waiting for chapters like the rest. Great story, and I feel like if Kari is ever going to regenerate now would be where it happens. I’m pretty sure this is the most vulnerable she’s ever been during a big event, so far in her perspective.
8/28 c178 65notwritten
That was good. Keep smiling.:-)
8/25 c21 theDireOne
I don't think that I like Kari very much. She's kind of childish, and not in the charming way like the 11th Doctor. More in the early 20s adult that still acts like their 14, kind of way. She's snarky to the point of rudeness often. She's kind of dense, his feelings towards her were obvious from their very first interaction. She's freaking out over a timeline that stopped existing the moment she joined it, her mere presence obviously has changed things. She's kind of a Mary Sue, she seems always able to do whatever the plot requires her to do because the plot requires her to do it. She's treated like she's special when she's not, the only thing special about her so far is that she's connected to the Doctor's timeline. Her specialness comes from him, she's has no specialness of her own. I hope this gets better as the story continues, I want to like this character.
8/18 c178 22Artemis Sherwood
NO NOT ANOTHER CLIFF HANGER. You had me on the edge of my seat the entire time, I can't believe we're so close to finding out what the heck is gonna happen to Kari! But I'm also really enjoying the way the Master and Kari are interacting, it's like him and the Doctor where they're familiar with each other, sort of close sort of not at all, they understand and predict each other, they care in their own weird ways. It's just! really interesting!
8/2 c177 Artemis Sherwood
Nooooooooo, not the cliffhanger! I'm so eager to see what happens next, and what the heck happens to Kari! Does she regenerate too? Does she get blasted into the past and meet an early Master or Doctor? Does she go full Bad Wolf/Angel mode? Is Rassilon after her? I don't know, but I'm excited! And I know it's going to be sad because this is the end for Ten and they'll have to say goodbye for now.
I'm a little biased, but it would be cool to see more of 9 or 13, or maybe the Ruth/Fugitive Doctor. I always love the happy moments Kari has gotten to share with 9 and I'm eager to see how her relationship with 13 develops.
8/1 c172 Artemis Sherwood
I always love seeing Kari and 12 interact! And Bill is just such a delight, I can't wait for her and Kari to become friends
8/1 c171 Artemis Sherwood
9 has my whole entire heart and I've always enjoyed seeing him and Kari interact. I wish they wouldn't fight so much, but with a pair of people as stubborn as they both are it's bound to happen. So this was a really sweet interlude I'm glad to see them feeling the love and enjoying the moment together, and I'm glad it's 9 that she gets to share it with
7/19 c177 65notwritten
Good as usual. Keep smiling.:-)
7/19 c177 6Shyloeh Deverish-Palmer
Anything with River would be so great. We need a little uplifting after any regeneration
7/19 c177 1atrhoads05
Another great chapter! As for a suggestion, I’m thinking “World Enough and Time/the Doctor Falls/Twice Upon a Time”.
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