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11/26 c151 3LegendsOfTime
Sucks you had COVID. Everyone in my house was getting it after my sister came home from school and passing it on. It was the week of my birthday as well good you aren’t having any symptoms, we did but not exceptionally bad
11/24 c151 14SerahSanguine
lived this chapter and I'm sorry you have covid it's horrible I look forward to the next update however long that may be x
11/23 c151 21Artemis Sherwood
I'm so sorry you have COVID! I'm also a school worker - my coworker just got it and my other friend got it last year, so I know it's not fun, but I hope you get better soon!
I love love LOVE seeing Kari adn 13 interacting. I think Kari's taking the whole thing really well and like I've always said before, seeing Kari still love the Doctor and call her her fiancee just really makes me smile even if she wasn't entirely sure about her partner now being a woman. I dunno, it's just nice :)
Can't wait to see how the story continues! I'm excited to see you tackle the flux episodes and would really love to see Kari meet the Fugitive Ruth Doctor, too!
11/23 c151 36AliceCullen3
11/23 c151 4RejectingReality12
I’m really enjoying your thirteenth doctor writing and I’m very excited to see more! I’ve been following this story forever and I’m a big fan
11/8 c150 14SerahSanguine
I was so happy to see 13 honestly especially with the new season being out
11/6 c150 36AliceCullen3
11/6 c150 Eennio
I really liked this chapter with the 13th doctor! Hopefully we can see soon how they are as a couple (protectiveness, domestic…)
11/6 c150 Twizziee
13! we finally got to 13, yay!
11/6 c150 21Artemis Sherwood
No way, you put 13 in the mix! I kept thinking, gee I wonder if they'll have Kari meet 13, if it will still be romantic, how everything will turn out. Even if you decided not to make Kari and 13 romantic (I'd love it if you did, but respect it if you decide not to), I would love to see the love they still have for each other as best friends and companions and I have no doubt you'll do that beautifully. Loved this update so much and I can't wait to see Kari and her future wife (hopefully) fall even more in love!
11/5 c149 36AliceCullen3
11/2 c149 8Shyloeh Deverish-Palmer
Are you ever going to do the Silurian episodes? I think she could make some great friends and do some good. They are my favorite race by far
10/26 c149 64dancer4813
Love the way this episode ended, with Kari lashing out a bit and saying what for, because damn - she's earned it. This episode was so heart wrenching in real life and you portrayed that twist beautifully in writing.
10/25 c149 21TheWriter946
Earth is going to be sad and shocked for a while due to the fact that the Doctor’s archenemy caused many graves to be emptied
10/25 c149 14SerahSanguine
I'm really intrigued to find out what happens with the master now like super excited for it and I loved this update
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