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10/18/2015 c40 31JShark419
I am as pumped for this as you. Actually I'm more pumped.

The finale so far has been spectacular.

Nice to see some old faces again, in the likes of Jo, Izzy, Brick, and Kasimar.

The challenges were sweet. I personally liked the questions over the physicals. Good remising of the earlier part of the challenges.

I can't wait for the second half. C: Cliff hangers are so dang good and bad, lol.
10/18/2015 c22 The Abysswalker
Fun chapter, Trent was hilarious in his interview. So that's how Kasimar found that tape, I forgot how he got that.
10/18/2015 c39 JShark419
And my fave is gone. Well played, Noah, well played. It was a touchy ending. I will admit I am very saddened. And agreed, Harold played awesomely.

Glad to see that Courtney and Eva had their chat and are on good terms. An Eva/Courtney final two will be awesome, if it happens. Because Eva was right, just giving up to boot someone isn't right, fight to the end is whats right. Or something like that, lol. Plus it would look kind of cheesy if they lost when they could have won, when they rewatch the season on TV.

Noah you sneaky bastard. Again nicely played. It was nice to see Nerd bonding time.

The challenge was great. The bear was entertaining. I was correct on my assumption. Though I admit I first thought it was the boot camp. But remembered they already did that and Duncan didn't get eliminated in that episode. lol.

I look forward to the finale. A battle between three all time gen 1 greats. I'm surprised Courtney hasn't been targeted by Eva by now. And Eva making it is slightly a surprise, since she kicked butt herself. And Noah making final 3 is obvious since he's Knifez's favorite. lol.

This finale will be epic, And theres two parts.
10/18/2015 c42 6imanol7211
a) nah and it was cool
b) 10000000000000/10
C)the eliminations
10/18/2015 c21 The Abysswalker
So, this is where the Mr. coconut alliance begins. Pretty good chapter, I'm glad it wasn't a predictable challenge where both teams are tied with the final round deciding the winner, that gets a little repetitive after seeing it so many times. Also, "I might do some recon on You-Know-Who" lol, I didn't know Voldemort was in this. Everyone was pretty awesome during this challenge.
10/18/2015 c38 31JShark419
Ah man, Gwen. I was routing for Harold all the way. But seeing Gwen leave, it's honestly depressing. :/

But she went out with good terms with ALMOST everyone. She cleared the air with Noah and Courtney. Which I'm glad to see Courtney do. Their friends again. Which I'm glad to see.

The challenge was alright. Not much to say about it. Other then the funny moments that Noah had at the beginning. The best part of it was when the next challenge was leaked. When Eva had that stressful look on her face.

My guess it's the next challenge is the one where Duncan lost because Owen wanted sticky buns over victory, xD lol. Anyway, I could be wrong. And Eva's explanation was strategic. Harold and Noah really aren't PHYSICAL threats, so next best thing was Gwen.

That moment between Gwen and Noah was touching. Both in that crate whatever that landed on her and at the dock when she left. At least the Goth now can relax in comfort with Duncan.

This was an excellent chapter and a great way to lead off into the final four. Still routing for Harold. Go Bby H C:
10/18/2015 c10 JShark419
Hmm? Interesting. Lol.

Sam and Izzy, huh. This starts Dakota's evil rein. Having her bf gone. Very dramatic. And Izzy returns, she's so crazy.

Nice challenge. Surprised Chris didn't need legal to use FD while he used WO. xD

Not much else to say. Other then this is the last of the decade reviews. And now to move onto the five you updated during the Oct 12 week of 2015.
10/18/2015 c20 The Abysswalker
This challenge was awesome. Trent easily wins the award this chapter, love Psycho Trent, as minor as it was. Ezekiel, you prick. That's all I got. Only 5 chapters left before the last three.
10/18/2015 c9 JShark419
Another awesome chapter. Sad about Lindsay, but I know she returns ;)

Dodge ball was epic. Nice wins on both sides. Though I can't recall who won game 3? Hmm?

Anyway, Eva's a badass as always, as was Brick and Jo. Noah's great and Scotts a douche but funny as always.

The two alliances are now in the same side of their cabins. I love already knowing what's to come.
10/18/2015 c19 The Abysswalker
Wait, am I the 900 viewer?! If so, that's awesome! If not,then whatever. Now then, Lightning was awesome this chapter. First his fight with Izzy, then his OP-ness in the challenge and finally how he was put inside a safe. If I was in this challenge, I would have chosen the power of Gilgamesh from the Visual Novel: Fate/Stay Night as well as the ability to wield Ea, those powers would probably own everyone. The whole challenge itself was very entertaining as well.
10/18/2015 c41 astrisdreams
Eh, Courtney's not a fave, but I don't hate her, so it's whatever, and yeah Noah eoulve been a cheapshot. I don't like him or hate him buy everyone else loves him and alwaysbmakes him win in this stories so its gets boring yo win over and over again. Overall cool story
10/18/2015 c8 JShark419
B's another elimination I'm sad to see, even though I saw it coming. :/

Anyway, another awesome challenge. The hold it in part was most interesting. Lol to Owen. Poor toilet. I'm glad that Harold made it to the final round.

And sneaky Chris, switching the teams. Only means Gidgette can be together longer. And so Justin/Anne Maria can develop more.

Too bad Tyler is loyal or he could help his new friends in eliminating the real threats. AleHeather.

And sweet Dawn moment with giving Geoff the clue. C:

Anyway. Great work.
10/18/2015 c42 10Foreseer44
The epilogue wasn't really that dark. Maybe my definition of dark is really screwed up, but this was all pretty realistic. Everyone had a memorable ending, and in the case of Izzy and Owen, hilarious endings.

This story was just amazing. The amount of work you've put into this story over the past three years deserves respect. While the early chapters were mediocre and could've been written with better plots in mind (looking at you, evil Tyler), the story quickly improved to become what I believe is the best competition story in the fandom. No joke, it blows Kobold's stuff out of the water. The development of your characters and the eventual winner arcs make so much sense. The jokes were all top notch, with Izzy (whom I usually despise) getting some of the best ones. The romance was handled well. Relationships felt natural and real and didn't hog the story. The villains were all awesome (except for Tyler) and had more to their characters than just being mean. They had strategies and motivations that made sense.

Overall: 9.5/10
10/18/2015 c18 The Abysswalker
Alright, I'm back. Pretty good chapter, I loved this challenge, it was one of my favorites in canon, even though they didn't bother finishing it. This whole challenge was just comedy gold for me. Man, most of those questions were weird as fuck. Chris was awesome this chapter, from the way he handled Izzy to his panic attack over a paper cut. Classic

I won't lie, but saying how Dakota is scheming deviously and all that is kind of cheesy and is starting to get annoying. Also, the way Kasimar described how he takes control sounds kind of...stupid. I mean no offense of course, it's just that doesn't sound right to me is all I'm saying. I don't really have anything to say about the set up with Duncan apart from it being drama filled.
10/18/2015 c7 31JShark419
Eh, bye Sierra and Cameron. Wont miss ya. xD

Anyway, nice chapter. Some nice Nawn and Justria moments or what ever the name for Anne Maria/Justin is.

The challenge was epic. Harold out lasting everyone in the first round and Brick being the last of the third, favorite moments. C:

I'm glad to see Tyler is finally lightening up. And that Noah admitted the truth about his crush.
Another sweet chapter.
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