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11/16/2015 c39 46GreenPokeGuy
Eva just... punched a bear. LMAO

...And uprooted a tree. Well then.

Eva and Courtney won! Yay! c:

And in a tricky move by Noah, Harold is outta there! All this eliminations ending in heart-warming scenes is a nice change.


- Of all the eliminations that you would choose to ask about being bull, you chose this one? Lol, it's perfectly legit.
- Certainly not Noah xD
- Which character... My top pick is pretty obvious, but... No, I think Bridgette's really the only one that I would really have liked to have gotten further. The others made sense.

11/16/2015 c38 GreenPokeGuy
Gwen's burn on Chris with the shirt thing was most excellent xD

Lol, shut up with your pessimism, Noah.

Courtney's wipeout on the balls was hilarious xD

Damn you, Eva! You betrayed Gwen and got her eliminated D: Now who's the backstabber, huh?

I'm glad Gwen made up with both Noah and Courtney. At least she's leaving on some sort of a high.


- I hated it because I wanted her to win, but it was very clever on Eva's part, I'll admit. :c
- Similar challenge to TDI's final four coming up, Gwen's a vet, Gwen is a strong player. Eva had the opportunity to take Gwen out, she took it.
- You did. c:

11/16/2015 c37 GreenPokeGuy
Good to check up on the eliminated players. A break every now and then is nice, even though I want to see how the final 5 go more.

So when it comes to the eliminated contestants, they want Gwen to win and Courtney to get the boot the most, huh? Yay for Gwen getting an advantage, even if she blows it right away.


- When I first read, I was thinking a head start, and I was happy I was right. :)
- Not at all. It would have been cheap.
- I was probably expecting something like Gwen, Eva and Courtney at this point.

11/16/2015 c36 GreenPokeGuy
The alliances sure turned on their heads, huh? Noah decided to bitch about his position and leave Gwen's alliance, and Eva left her own alliance after booting Dakota.

Interesting challenge. People won the challenges I expected them to, and Gwen did awesomely enough to take first, and Courtney second, so I can't complain.

Nice job, Justin. You may have possibly screwed Gwen over in the end, but at least you played a good game.

Answers to questions:

- My favourite part of this story are the friendships that formed. Apart from the challenges, I loved seeing all the little friendships that formed and how they affected the game. The Gidgette/Nawn/Gwuncan friendship was my favourite, followed by Gwen/Noah/Tyler/Lindsay/Justin.
- I think the final five is pretty great. You've got a good balance of brains and brawns, and it's basically a clash of alliances in the final stretch.
- I wouldn't have minded Noah leaving, but I think Justin being happy about leaving makes me happy.

11/16/2015 c35 GreenPokeGuy
Honestly, I wasn't a fan of this chapter's 'challenge'. Getting captured by a psycho killer, forced to have to escape, Chris having to get the police involved to get them, and then deciding to use what they just went through as a challenge? I don't think that's right and it just makes Chris seem heartless.

However, I loved the elimination! The bitch is finally gone! YES! Thank you, Eva, for the Golden Idol to finally out this bitch. About damn time.

To answer your questions:

- At the time, I think I was shocked. Re-reading, I'm ecstatic.
- When I first read through, I think I was probably expecting one of the weaker people to be next, so Harold or Noah.
- At this point I was rooting hardcore for Gwen because I think she's killed it this story. c:

11/16/2015 c34 GreenPokeGuy
Challenge was again enjoyable, and my problems come with the very end of it. Good on Noah and Harold for winning immunity, but the way Justin and Dakota got it... Complete bull. I can't believe she's getting away with it again.

Poor Tyler, but he wasn't feeling so good, so I guess that's good for him. At least he manned up and accepted Eva's apology in the end.

Please tell me Dakota's out next chapter...

11/16/2015 c33 GreenPokeGuy
This is probably the chapter that swayed my opinion from liking Gwen's alliance more to Eva's. Tyler and Noah are acting like dicks, and Courtney decided to humble herself and play the game without getting personal with it. It's such a shame that Gwen's alliance crumbled because Tyler and especially Noah decided to be butthurt little bitches.

Those guys and Dakota can go suck a dick for all I care.

11/16/2015 c33 9ferguson97
This chapter was alright.

I really hope Eva turns around and joins the alliance with Noah, Justin, Tyler, and Gwen.

Justin's paper bag gag was humorous.

Not much else happened this chapter, but I look forward to what is to come!
11/16/2015 c32 46GreenPokeGuy
Haunted house challenge, huh? And Dakota wouldn't do it because of radiation? Excellent.

Damn, you sure put them through a lot in there. Eva's was especially awful for her. Nice work on getting through, Gwen!

Oh no, Zeke's gone feral...

And of course you get our hopes up with eliminating Dakota, only to save her by disqualifying Zeke. Well, at least Zeke's gone, I guess.

To answer the questions:

- For the contestants, yes, for me, no.
- I think it was a tactic to save Dakota's ass and get rid of a potential ally against Dakota.
- Better be that bitch Dakota.

11/16/2015 c31 GreenPokeGuy
To answer your question at the start of the chapter, I was team Gwen/Noah/Tyler/Lindsay/Justin at this point. Dakota being part of the other alliance was just ugh, and Harold and Zeke are Harold and Zeke.

Talent show, nice comeback! And cool to see the talents that some people brought to the table. Good on Tyler and Courtney for winning!

Wow, poor Samey. Eva must feel terrible.

Wow, Lindsay went home. Eva should feel terrible. Screw Dakota for manipulating Eva like that. And damn you Courtney for treating Eva like a pawn. She started the alliance, not you!

11/16/2015 c30 GreenPokeGuy
Eva/Gwen friendship, too, hmm? Their friendship seems to be more strategical though, so that'll make things interesting, especially with the Courtney tension.

And we get to hear the remaining campers' thoughts on the others, cool cool. Pretty much what you'd expect from them.

Not much else to say about this chapter.

11/16/2015 c29 GreenPokeGuy
Oh cool, an Eva/Lindsay friendship thing! That should be interesting.

When they were all delegated to a trait and had to strike poses omg xD

Nice challenge, for the most part. I can't believe Dakota managed to get Eva to throw the fight, beat Jo by cheating and win immunity. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

Zeke went feral, I wonder if that'll be a problem later on, especially since it's happened previously.

At least Jo got to out that alliance before she was eliminated and forced to leave. Final ten now, woot!

11/16/2015 c28 GreenPokeGuy
Courtney you IDIOT. Why would you add Dakota to the alliance?! Eva's as happy about it as I am.

Omg Chris just threw them out of the plane xD

Oh yay, Dakota got immunity again! I'm so happy for her. Ugh.

Poor Trent, but at least Gwen's alliance secured Justin. I really like how Trent was going in the competition.

And the Chef alliance is out of commission now, so I suppose that means Jo's time is up soon. Shame, I'm liking her too.

11/16/2015 c27 GreenPokeGuy
Nice use of the PI contestants! Some interesting challenges, too.

So Shawn, Sky, Jasmine, Rodney and Samey will be recurring interns, huh? That's cool. And shame that Dakota got immunity again, good thing Kasimar didn't.

Aaand the two villains had idols, of course. At least Dakota is lacking one and Kasimar is gone now. c:

11/16/2015 c26 GreenPokeGuy
I think your VR challenges are the real strength of this fic, because this one was great as well. It was cool seeing the strategies the teams tried to win. Good on Gwen and Noah for getting immunity on the losing side.

Poor Izzy, she was completely outnumbered by alliances. And Justin and Trent are silly to reject Gwen's offer. They had four people, and they'd make it six; surely that'd be safe for them. Ah well.

And Kasimar exposes Dakota, excellent. The only thing he's done that I liked. Can't wait for them both to get eliminated c:

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