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11/16/2015 c25 46GreenPokeGuy
I liked the challenge, lots of clever riddles. My only nitpick is that you said the second challenge would be point-based and then it was elimination-based. :P

As for the elimination ceremony... total bs, imo. What a cheap save, along with Dakota becoming a demi-god and getting immunity just about every challenge. I am not a fan of those two at all.

Yay for Lindsay's return! c:

11/16/2015 c24 GreenPokeGuy
Cool challenge, nice way to bring it back from Island! Figures all the weak players would drop out early. And I noticed that you eliminated Zeke during the dance sequence, and then again during the obstacle course, lmao.

Dakota cleared this too easily, Trent being able to hang on while unconscious was a bit bs, Kasimar is an a-hoe and Geoff is gone because of said a-hoe. Shame, but I didn't see him getting much further anyway, especially with Kasimar gunning for him.

Tyler/Gwen/Noah alliance is interesting, Noah's still a dick though.

Eva/Courtney/Harold alliance is even more interesting. Who would have thought? :P

11/16/2015 c23 GreenPokeGuy
Jock teasing? I can dig it.

Not too bad for a challenge. Strategies for getting out of the city were interesting.

Wow, Jo or Noah almost went, but then Brick was disqualified. o:

And Jock pretty much became a thing. And Noah, a 'noble man'? Lmfao.

So Noah is now in possession of the Chef idol, will he give it to Jo like Brick asked? Just remembered that the idols are valid now, so I wonder when we'll see the first one in use.

11/16/2015 c22 GreenPokeGuy
A nice refresher challenge before the intensity of the merge hits. Interaction between everyone is never not appreciated.

Aaaand Izzy destroyed the confessional before everyone could use it, and it seems like everyone was in on it, too. Nice one. :P

Back to the island and the competition for these 15- oh wait, there's a VR challenge in the hotel? Ooh o:

11/16/2015 c21 GreenPokeGuy
Another awesome challenge! I thought it was a nice touch to have the deer stay anonymous until they'd been shot.

Wow, Dawn refusing to cause anyone pain sure caused some drama and cost her dearly, didn't it? But in the end, she chose to let herself get eliminated and Jo got to stay. How noble, but it doesn't get you a million dollars.

And now the merge at the final 15 happens, and we have some power players and some floaters, along with our two favourite villains... not. :P

11/16/2015 c20 GreenPokeGuy
Omg Sadie was a mess this challenge xD Not a huge surprise to see her eliminated.

Interesting to see who could stand the cabin fever and who couldn't. I have no idea how I would have handled it.

Wow, Kasimar almost tripped Geoff into a trip to a hospital. What an ass.

And omg Zeke, everyone thought he was hibernating or comatose but he'd really disappeared ages ago xD

Trent's cray side came out, and Noah's a butt as per usual.

Fun development chapter, and also just fun to see how people snap. :P

11/16/2015 c19 GreenPokeGuy
Another challenge that I enjoyed a lot! It was interesting seeing who was able to use their powers best. Owen's were pretty much completely useless, though the meatloaf wall was funny, lmao. xD

Shame that Bridgette's guest run was short-lived, damn Justin. And Lightning deciding to kill DJ and Zoey would have been no fun for them.

Good on Geoff for winning it! Trent got real close, though.

Owen and Cody are gone, too bad about Cody! I'm sure he could have gotten further if it wasn't for that.

11/15/2015 c32 9ferguson97
This challenge was super creepy, bro.

Eva's was dark as hell, and super depressing...

So Dakota FINALLY gets voted off, but random bs keeps her on? Ugh.

This chapter was overall, one of your best so far in terms of descriptive writing.

Eva, Noah, Tyler, Dakota, Gwen, Courtney, Justin, and Harold are an interesting final 8.
11/15/2015 c31 ferguson97
Okay, my main criticism with these chapter is the elimination... WHY would Eva do that? Courtney has literally no power over her. Why can't she and Harold just be like "peace" and vote for Dakota? Then Courtney has no allies, and no threat or power over them. I don't really understand how she "made" her.
Other than that, the talents were interesting and the chapter was well-written.
11/15/2015 c30 ferguson97
This was an okay chapter. I'm just not really a fan of the "free day" chapter concept in general, since we alredy really know how everyone feels about each other. But it was well-written for the most part, so props.
11/15/2015 c29 ferguson97
Good chapter!

While I was certainly expecting Jo's elimination soon, I did think she was going to make it to the final 10.

The challenge was great, even if the results were a tad predictable.

Also... Dakota is becoming a villain sue, I'm sorry. She doesn't seem to have a lot of flaws other than "mean" and she keeps winning every challenge, regardless of what type it is. And her personality transition is completely random.

Regardless, this was a good chapter and you have a solid final 10 .
11/15/2015 c28 ferguson97
Ayyyyy, I'm your 1000th review. You're welcome, BRUH. :)

Holy shit I thought Courtney was gonna SMOTHER Dakota.

Eva and Jo's rivalry is my life.

How does one eat a bite of soup, Noah?

Wtf is sig22h?

This was a solid challenge, I was surprised Lindsay won.

Aww, Trent. :(

Great chapter!
11/15/2015 c18 46GreenPokeGuy
Omg Izzy got high xD and then she was normal for the challenge xP

So we get to see a fuller version of the revealing embarrassing secrets challenge, hmm? Not a bad idea, and some of those secrets sure were embarrassing xD

Ugh, that bitch Dakota strikes again. Sure, toxic waste might have some sort of effect, but going full evil? As Dawn said, seems far fetched. And I think Sam would be disappointed with her methods, along with Zoey in Mike, though he might get off with it because of Vito, but certainly not because of the next point.

And now the beginning of a trope that, after also seeing it in DJ's fic and now here, I really despise. I hate Mike having an evil personality, and all it really does it give him a reason to stick around when he's not wanted. I can't decide if I hate Kasimar or Scar more, probably Scar since Kasimar got booted a lot earlier than Scar will be.

Poor Duncan, his record sure didn't help him in avoiding elimination after that spectacle. And poor Gwen is heartbroken. :c

So yeah, it's drama, but it leads to events that I'm not a fan of. Not a bad chapter, though.

11/15/2015 c17 GreenPokeGuy
I also liked this chapter! Fun challenge that wasn't taken as a challenge at first, which leads to some good development between some people.

Brick found the Chef idol, good on him!

And Trent's found out that Dakota's a scheming witch. You'd hope that she'd get eliminated soon, but...

Izzy pls. She had too much fun xD I figured out who it was as soon as she wrote a note to Noah, and I loved it when she listened to Noah and grabbed Cody first. x'D

And now Izzy's back, yay! I love Izzy in this story :D

Alejandro's gone in a very one-sided vote, radical. :P

11/15/2015 c16 GreenPokeGuy
I loved this challenge! Cool partnerships, cool weapons, and Courtney getting a rubber chicken xD

And Duncan blasting her right off the bat omg xD

Wow, Heather and Lightning sure got unlucky. And Lightning escaped from Chef. O.o And Alejandro's gonna be pissed tomorrow.

This is probably when I found the story started to pick up. I liked the cabin arrangements, and everyone got good screen time. :)

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