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10/28/2012 c6 rjaporejpogr
Break up Duncan and Gwen, and I cry. No way! They are my favorite couple!
10/28/2012 c6 Guest
great story! Update! I really like the Noah/Dawn pairing always did wish I had a fanfiction account so I could make stories...sigh. Anyway keep writing!
10/28/2012 c6 Guest
U can give mike another personality, just don't make it torture for him!
10/28/2012 c6 3ThatCrazyChick179
Hey! Awesome chappie! And OMG, NOAH LIKES DAWN! I can just tell, even if he says he doesn't, he does. And it's ok, I'll still read this story if it's not Duncney. Just wishin you put them in there. And...I'm trying to find someone for B. can you help me on that? Like maybe...Sadie? Just a suggestion. And AAAWWW! Hope you get Internet soon! I can wait. So...that's all I have to say. BYE!
10/27/2012 c6 Infected Bliss
First off, I really like the way this story is. It's one of the really good ones that show what season five can be like. So far I think it's pretty awesome, especiallybecause the characters all seem IC and it's not half-assed. You know, you actually put a lot of effort into it. So yeah, I think it's awesome. :)

As for the couples in the story Noah and Dawn would be absolutely adorable :)
But...please don't break up Duncan and Gwen :(

Other than that great job overall, keep it up!
10/25/2012 c5 17digimedas
I am a Gwent fan, so if you could find a way to get them back together, that would be great. For a challenge, how about a trivia challege where they answer questions from all four seasons.
10/25/2012 c5 NaruHinaFanboy
This is a pretty interesting chapter mostly because I'm curious to see what happened to Trent and Leshawna. It's been hinted that they both changed so I'm curious to see what's gonna happen. Especially since some of the contestants said that Trent is acting creepy. Also please do break up Duncan and Gwen I don't care if they end up single or are paired with someone else just break this couple please. I would also like to see the pairing of DawnxNoah as well as JustinxAnne Maria because these fanon pairings show potential in this fic. :)
10/24/2012 c5 anonymi
I would love to see Noah/Dawn :D
Also, it took three seasons for them to get together, so please don't break up Duncan and Gwen TT
10/24/2012 c5 143nutella
I want trentney c:
10/24/2012 c5 3ThatCrazyChick179
Awesome chapter, as usual! And thank you! I luv being told I'm fabulous. And I'm gonna make a TDI story! It's gonna have me in it, and she's gonna end up with Noah at some point. Would you read it when I post it? And PLEASE PUT DUNCNEY IN HERE! They're my fav. But I loved the chapter. Already waiting for more! :)
10/24/2012 c5 Ilovedreaming
plzzzzzzz keep duncan and gwen together they r my fav couple in the whole world
10/22/2012 c3 ThatCrazyChick179
This is so cool! I love it. But make it Duncney! I LOVE them together! Fav couple. And I think Dawn and Noah would make a cute couple honestly! So, that's all I have to say. Except write like the wind, I wanna another chapter!
10/21/2012 c3 Guest
Wow... I did not expect Dawn to say that 0_0
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