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11/6/2020 c1 TCat
Omg I love it please more
4/6/2018 c1 2acetwolf94
4/13/2016 c1 11reinforced hell
*snickers to myself*
9/11/2013 c1 mattdombast
so cute but shazzv should die
9/7/2013 c1 domsijohn
so very cute
6/20/2013 c1 Guest
U cant leave it like this! Really hope u update soon
6/4/2013 c1 krysangl
This is a great start to a sequel if you decide to one. I hope to see what the kids do to Toombs. Rally enjoyed the original story and hope you decide to continue this snippet.
2/26/2013 c1 24Basill
I do love your stories! I adore Riddick and Harry pairings and yours was one I instantly fell in love with! Please write another one? You mentioned Toombs which leaves off the possibility of another and I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I can imagine toombs coming in only to be beaten by Riddick's kids!
11/1/2012 c1 Elfin69
I would love to see you post more on this. I loved the original fic and would be curious if Harry would take care of Toombs before he could hurt Riddick or his family. Or maybe Blake would make good on his promise.
10/27/2012 c1 janet1982
not bad, will the be more?
10/22/2012 c1 NA
nice start if you decide to do a sequel.
10/20/2012 c1 4mist shadow
huh? This is nowhere near finished, just a snippet of their lives, unfinished at that. Pls update and expand? Puppy eyes

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