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for On Afghanistan's Plains

10/17/2018 c1 18Nanyin
Harry's outrage was spectacular! this so deserves more! Loved it for one main reason, adults took charge (of course lead by muggles).
11/30/2014 c1 4Aaran St. Vines
Cleverness - my favorite discovery n fanfiction.

I lie this Harry and Dr.s Granger.

Weasleys, too.
11/17/2014 c1 11old-crow

You have a 500 word story that deserves to be a few more pages.

Please consider revising a bit and reposting it.

6/7/2014 c1 jkarr
nice story would read this again if you made this in to a longer story.
7/31/2013 c1 44dennisud
Love your one shots! When are we going to see a multi-chaptered story and will it have one girl with Harry(Hermione!) or more(A least Luna)?
7/24/2013 c1 Anotherboarduser
Nice story.

I like how those "victim" refuses to just let themselves be victimized without consequences.
12/4/2012 c1 2Penny is wise
Awesome story.
10/18/2012 c1 dmn410

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