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9/11/2015 c6 SortingHat
I don't see what this story has to do with the sorting hat. You might want to re title this to something more truthful.

You can leave everything else the same since as you said you wrote it during the dry spell between the 4th and 5th series and frankly it's not that bad because most people are afraid to branch out and just stick to *script fics* like an automaton which I bet you would've done.

I am actually glad you wrote this before the *canon* version came out or you would be too afraid to question things about the series and just follow with the rest of the sheep.
9/11/2015 c5 SortingHat
This story is actually better then the official version because it's not so rushed and not as politically blatant as the official version. The official version I took one look and felt like throwing up as I felt like I was reading the magical version of the Puffington Post. I mean Huffington Post. I forgot my political correctness as a good automatron.
9/11/2015 c5 SortingHat
I am glad that Mr Krumpet doesn't like the nanny panny state workers. They are such a joke due to the neck deep political correctness Bee S. Hell a lot of places on the web now automatically censor your comments unless you sound like an extremist.

There are groups that are part of *controlled opposition* funded and hired by the CIA and Tavistock.

One major alternate media forum which is in cohoots gives you an IP ban if you even say that word or any variation of that word and will actively edit your posts or so I've heard. I've been banned just from viewing the wrong thread.

If you *reply* to someone there rather then an indirect post that always seems to trigger an IP ban which you have to *Pay* them money to have them lift it.

I am learning programming so I can hack these controlled propaganda forums someday and create a stink of my own.
9/11/2015 c3 SortingHat
You should read the Iron Mountain. There has been plans since the 1940s to overload the system with welfare and free handouts to people who don't really need them but *leech* off of those who do. It is a big problem that is not being discussed due to censorship and *political correctness* out of control.
9/11/2015 c1 SortingHat
Just because you're version os not official doesn't mean that it's inferior. Don't think such thoughts.

Heck it might even be better the the original as the authors in later stages tend to get more rushed and leave loop holes in stories.
4/2/2013 c12 16truephan
Another good chapter full of lots of action and doings. I like how you're able to keep that up! i was really worried that the drinks Harry, Hermione and Ron would be spiked with something sinister, but fortunately, they weren't. I think Winky is not the brightest elf in the bunch. She should know that reputation trumps all other factors when it comes to having a family. I don't like that she agreed, even if it is temporary arrangement.

No matter the dire warnings, our trio still manage to put themselves at risk. But of course, that's what makes the HP series intriguing.

Good job!

3/12/2013 c11 truephan
I really enjoyed this chapter. I always particularly enjoy any scene with Hagrid and his critters. He really can't get that he's pretty much the only one who loves those things.

I also loved the scene between Harry and Ginny, especially when we know in the end that they get married. The episode about the tattling cookie jar was funny. I also liked the twist how important that wizards be true to their word. It makes sense if they use words for spells.

Favorite lines:
-Anyone who disobeys deserves what happens to them.
- I have only one thing to say about trust: DON'T.
-The astronomy teacher blew out an impatient breath
-She gave a short bark of laugher.

I like how you keep the actual classroom scenes interesting. Wish my past classes were like that! I got a particular kick out of Moody's moodiness!

Keep up with the great job!

3/6/2013 c11 Beaky89
great story i hope you up date soon.
3/5/2013 c2 southern-reader
Sorry but your Harry is a bit of a swot.
Oh boo-hoo... I let the Great and Powerful Oz?
Oh crap I meant the Deranged and Delusional Albus
That letter from that idiot was laughable and more than
a bit stupid.
I was going to read this but after that, not going to
3/5/2013 c11 3FMKitsune
Loved the chapter. I'm glad you let Ron and Tenobia on the team! Yay! Please don't make Harry lose to Malfoy on that stupid broom! I don't think I could stand his taunting if he won. Go Harry! :P Can't wait for your next chapter!
3/5/2013 c11 6Peeves' best friend
Well hell, are you planning on having Tenobia catch the Snitch in the Gryffindor/Slytherin match? With how you're setting it up, famous granddad and all, it sure as hell looks like it at least. Wouldn't really support such a decision, as Harry is supposed to be a once in a lifetime talent, and just inserting ANOTHER unique first year who's even better on a broom... Nah, don't really dig that. Still, story is good and will continue to follow even if I'm not Tenobia's biggest fan.
3/3/2013 c10 1Thot84
This really feels like a Harry Potter story: The figures are in character, no senseless bashing, the interwining plot-lines which the readers has to figure out how they are to be put together and more.

Looking forward to this story.
2/24/2013 c10 16truephan
MsFrizzle: Talking about the subjects in school in a story can be boring; but of course, Harry's school is not ordinary. Still, you did an awesome job with making the Hogwarts' subjects interesting with some delicious twists added (like the truth potion).

Fav lines, which I ALWAYS relish:
-The sound seemed to make the room temperature drop twenty degrees.
-A fat crescent moon cast shadows into the room.

Kudos on those!

I also love how you ended this chapter-refocusing on the Quidditch game. It makes us re-excited! Seems like the school term will be anything but boring.

Good job.

1/27/2013 c9 truephan
Fav lines or phrases:

not to mention worry about Voldemort's next attempt to subjugate the world.

Don't worry about people thinking you're an idiot because you did something embarrassing. I do that all the time."

Dobby vanished and Harry let out his breath in a whoosh.

She singled Harry, Malfoy, and Warrington out for a special glare that made Harry think he knew what a mouse felt like when Hedwig spotted it.

Harry opened his mouth to say something but nothing fell out.

Next to him stood Crabbe and Goyle like two personnel warts.

She considered him for a while as if she were weighing him to the last molecule then she nodded.

You're doing a good job moving the story along; I particularly like how you show a balance on how Harry's team's sizing up. I do hope that Ron AND Tenobia get to be on the team. I also hope, of course, that Gryffindors win.

I actually find the game of "Quidditch' boring-and unfair. All that work from both teams, only for the leader to lose all because of catching the Snitch. That doesn't sound fair. And speaking of 'unfair', I'm beginning to think how even MORE STUPID the Gryffindors-and Harry-were for agreeing to have Harry ride a broom of Malfoy's choice on TOP of playing Quidditch with them. Sounds like the Gryffindors are going to have ENOUGH trouble getting their act together without adding the 'handicap' of Harry not being on his own broom.

Good job. truephan
1/18/2013 c8 truephan
Ms. Frizzle: Another good chapter. You did a good job showing the continuing tension between Malfoy and Harry. And you did a great job showing Harry, Ron and Hermione's unwavering loyalty to Dumbledorf.

I'm very concerned about the bet, though. I agree with Tenobia that the bet was a foolish thing for Harry and the Gryffindors to do. I sure hope it turns out all right and the Gryffindors don't find themselves stuck as house elves (though I think the house elves would love the vacation time!).

Very well written over all. The only thing I would suggest is not to start the chapter with 'They' (in first sentence). Since it's been a while since you updated, I didn't know who 'they' were until Ron spoke-and I guessed at that. I'm assuming, still, that it was the trio who were the 'they'.

Can't wait for an update.

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