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for Rio 2: Blu And Jewel

7/9/2018 c15 Benjamin
Primarily I wanna say that you have done a fantastic story and the fact that you write in details well I love that fact. I think a lot of others wishes this so I'm gonna lay it out. It would be nice if you wrote more! In this situation I wanna say that you write like you never had done anything else - you write fantastic!
10/17/2016 c15 monsterjamvadim
Keep going
10/16/2016 c15 150Nightfly123
Please continue to write buddy :)
10/16/2016 c15 6Blu100-Jewel100
Hell yea that's what I want at least!
10/16/2016 c15 3Jugal the drgnwarrior
Update! Update! UPDATE! Update the story man! I'm with you. Do it! PUH-LEASE!
5/5/2015 c14 austin350016
Love the story and every thing u do a really great job but I just wish the chapters are a lot longer. Keep writing
7/19/2014 c6 Guest
Please put how they mate! :-)
6/13/2014 c3 Guest
in chapter 3, remember nigel cant fly. also where are there kids?!
6/13/2014 c1 Guest
well, first of all I like it but remember that blu and jewel are married. They showed pics in rio 2 of them on there wedding day (linda and tulios actually but they got married on the same day) Also, both jewel and blu have both said "your the only one for me" which is a way of saying they love each other.
6/7/2014 c6 Riofanfic400
I want to know about the LEMON in chapter 6 in Rio 2: Blu and Jewel you said something about PM you about it, but i didnt know how to so i thought it would be easier to just review it to u
4/22/2014 c2 3Fang87k
I just started getting into Rio fan fictions and this one already is just pure amazing, great job!
12/23/2013 c2 lani
I hate Jewel personally, I created a new girl for blu called Rachel, google image blu an Rachel and she'll pop up!
7/6/2013 c14 michael
like it a lot chapter 14 keeps on crashing my computer so now im on the 3ds for now ? so KEEP UP THE GOOD WOEK I MEAN IT KEEP WRITING!
6/26/2013 c14 DEVON L
5/1/2013 c14 3mw3fan
Woah, i can't believe i haven't read and review your story in awhile, but now I'm back . And not to mention this has to the best chapter that had made my day
Mw4fan, use to call myself blackops2fanatic, AKA mw3fan signing off
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